Remington to Sell 2,000 Ex-Military M24 Sniper Rifles has a story about how Remington, currently in the process of replacing the Army’s stocks of sniper rifles with their super sexy XM2010, will be selling, raffling off and otherwise giving out the Army’s old M24 sniper rifle systems instead of chucking them in the skip as is normally done these days when the government changes firearms. This CMP-esque program will be selling 2,000 rifle systems (including optics and everything else you see here) in “arsenal refinished” condition with new barrels and optics (but keeping the painted and dented stocks that give these rifles character) first to military, ex-military and law enforcement customers and then to the public at deep discounts, reportedly around half what the system costs brand new. In addition they will be raffling off one such rifle at SHOT (for attendees only), with tickets costing $5 a pop with profits going to help wounded warriors. Needless to say I know where my paycheck is going next week.

[UPDATE] A previous version of this story claimed 2,000 rifles were being raffled off during the show. In fact, 2,000 rifles are being sold (eventually) and a single rifle is being raffled at SHOT. Also, mad props to Defense Review for the original story.