New from XS Sights: XTI AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights

The problem with using a scoped firearm in competition shooting is that stage designers LOVE to put really far away targets as well as really close in targets in the same stage. So while a scope might be perfect for that 250 yard shot it might not be so peachy for the 10 yard target. Offset sights fix that issue by providing a second unmagnified option for shooters accessible simply by turning your gun to the side. I did this on my own competition rifle with a pair of back up iron sights I wasn’t using anymore, but now XS Sights has a dedicated pair that come on their own 45 degree offset mounts. Press release after the jump.

January 12, 2012 – Fort Worth, TX — XS®
Sight Systems, in collaboration with Lone Star Armory, will introduce the XTI™ (Xpress Threat Interdiction™) AR-15 angle mount sights at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada next week. The XTI™ with XS® Express Standard Dot Tritium front, and White Stripe rear, are back-up iron sights designed for quick acquisition in CQB situations.

The result of extensive field testing the XTI™ AR-15 Angle Mount prototypes were put through their paces by police firearms instructors, SWAT and patrol officers, as well as combat-seasoned former military professionals. Here is what Police Firearms Instructor, Officer Michael Moore had to say about XS® Sight Systems’ New XTI™ AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights.

“Magnified optics are great at distance but can be a hindrance when engaging threats at close range. The addition of your new sights to a weapon allows the officer to have the best of both worlds. They can engage a target with precision at distance and still be able to quickly engage a threat at close range. While testing these sights we had several instructors and officers engage targets at ranges from 7 yards to 50 yards and everyone was able to keep all rounds in the center of the target. These new offset sights are another great innovation from your company and I have had to threaten bodily injury to be able to keep somebody from taking them off of my rifle.”

Available now at and for hands-on inspection next week at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the XTI™ Xpress Threat Interdiction™ AR-15 Angle Mount Back-up Iron Sights are an excellent addition to Tac optics class 3-gun rifles and patrol rifles with magnified optics.

Product# AR-0007-4
Retail Price: $150.00

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