New from US PALM: Quad Stack AK-47 Magazines

US PALM is introducing a quad stack (coffin mag style) AK-47 magazine. The new mags will be introduced in two flavors: a 45 round “standard” length magazine and a 30 round “short” magazine. US Palm’s magazines seem to be using a modified version of Magpul’s expanding follower design, instead of Surefire’s “docking” method. Which raises some questions, especially as . . .

Magpul has yet to release their high capacity magazine—which indicates issues with the system. Whether these magazines will be prone to the same failures has yet to be seen.

US Palm’s new magazines feel a little lighter than a standard 30-rounder and a little thinner than the Tapco polymer version. But these are display models; whether the final product is as light is anyone’s guess.

The two new US PALM magazines will be available in “a couple months” (where have we heard that before?). MSRP for the big one hangs out at $99.