New from SIG SAUER: ACP – Adaptive Carbine Platform

SIG SAUER just announced [press release after the jump] that they’re going to be revealing a an Adaptive Carbine Platform. Basically, it’s a thingie that mounts to your existing handguns’ accessory rail and and makes them more tactical . . .

The SIG SAUER Adaptive Carbine Platform (ACP) allows any handgun with an accessory rail to be quickly modified into a personal defense weapon or carbine style firearm. Regardless of the brand, most pistols equipped with an accessory rail can be mounted to the ACP without the need for modifi cation to the base gun.

Fabricated from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, the ACP sports M1913 rails at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions with a full-length top rail at the 12 o’clock position. Compatible accessories such as lights, red dot sights and lasers can be mounted for additional functionality.

The ACP brings Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) features to almost any handgun.

The ACP offers law enforcement or executive protection that are looking for the quick deployment of a carbine or SMG, but with the controllability of a handgun, the ACP offers everything in one package. An integral hand stop permits the user to get a forward grip without the danger of covering the muzzle. The integral quick-detachable sling mounts allow an ACP-equipped pistol to be carried on a sling for fast access.

The new SIG SAUER ACP allows the shooter access to the pistol’s frame mounted controls, providing an easy training transition and familiar manual of arms. The ACP is also compatible with most sound suppressors.

The ACP is available in three models:
• BASIC ACP – This basic model allows for fast, easy conversion and works with most railed pistols.
• ACP-Enhanced – The Enhanced version includes the new SIG SAUER MIL-GRADE Mini Red Dot Sight, a quick detachable sling swivel and a Single Point Bungee Sling.
• ACP-LE – This National Firearms Act-regulated military/law enforcement model features a top folding shoulder stock. Civilian purchasers must comply with the requirements for registering a short-barreled rifle.

So we’re looking at a block of aluminum that you bolt to any handgun to make it (the handgun) easier to manipulate. The good news: unlike some previous attempts at a similar concept, the SIG version will come in two non-NFA violating flavors, as well as the “tax stamp required” version.

I like the charging handle, but will the SIG ACP make a pistol any more usable or controllable? At the very least the device seems to increase the options available for sights and other accessories.

I’m intrigued.