More Info on H&K’s New MR762A1

You guys seemed interested in H&K’s new AR-10 like rifle, so I went back this morning and spent an hour and a half listening to their sales pitch. Here’s the important information distilled for your reading pleasure . . .

First and foremost, the H&K MR762A1 will NOT take standard commercially available AR-10 magazines. Only H&K’s proprietary magazines will work with this bad boy.

The exclusive mag deal increases user confusion—particularly when buying accessories—and makes the MR762A1’s price skyrocket above H&K’s existing markup. Proprietary magazines are one of my pet peeves with firearms, ad especially in a market like the AR-10 rifles (where there are already 5 or 6 magazine “standards”). This will not help. At all.

Second, there’s no California variant of the rifle. CA rifles require bullet buttons; H&K doesn’t have a bigger bullet button for the MR762A1. They haven’t announced a timeframe for release (so to speak).

In terms of import restrictions, everything on the gun will be made in their New Hampshire plant, save the bolt and bolt carrier. Those parts will be coming from the German H&K plant. Thus, the typical 922(r) restrictions need not apply.

Finally, the MR762A1 will NOT be shipping with iron sights. It will come from the factory with no aiming system whatsoever. H&K assumes that anyone willing to drop the cash required to get one of these is also liquid enough to afford some nice glass to go along with it.

H&K doesn’t hate you and they’re right. About the optics. The proprietary mags? Wrong answer.