Ohio Sheriffs Deployed to Take Down Armed Mannequin

Everybody likes to laugh, right? OK, there are some who seem to have the upside down smile permanently affixed to their sour puss, but most people enjoy a good chortle now and again. For the Keeton family of Clark County, practical jokes appear to be the favorite tool to deploy when they want to induce the giggles in each other. But as with most things, you have to to know where the line is between a good idea and going a little too far. . .

For instance, Tammy Keeton thought it would cause an absolute falling-down yukfest if she put a fully-dressed mannequin holding a toy shotgun on her cousin Rebecca’s front porch. The problem was Tammy did too good a job with the set-up and Rebecca thought the stranger holding the pump-action was real. So she called the local sheriff. From wect.com:

“I’m scared to death,” Keeton told the dispatcher.

Within minutes deputies had Rebecca’s home surrounded and were attempting to negotiate with the armed man.

When he didn’t respond, they drew their weapons and went in through the back of the home and confronted the suspect.

That is when they discovered it was a dummy armed with a toy gun that had been placed on Keeton’s front porch by her cousin, Tammy Moore.

Oops. Rebecca’s son Kyle defended Tammy, telling the cops that she didn’t mean any harm and that practical jokes were kind of a family thing with the Keetons.

“I think this will put a hold to it. It lets them both know you can’t do whatever you want with a joke. No guns,” Kyle said.

Probably a good guideline. Unless they enjoy having the local boys from SWAT deploying around your home on a regular basis.