New from Springfield Armory: XDs Compact .45

Springfield looked at the burgeoning small polymer striker-fired nine biz and evidently figured, who needs to carry parabellum when they can pack a .45 punch? And in the same sized package. Thus was born the new XDs, the ‘s’ signifying single-stack. I had a chance to shoot the pocket rocket yesterday at the Media Day event and it’s provides an excellent argument for toting big boy bullets. . .

The surprisingly soft-shooting (for a .45) XDs is a scant 1″ at the beam making it a slim, easy carry. It will ship with two stainless mags that will pack 5+1 rounds of .45 ACP fury when Springfield starts sending them out in March or so. Adjustable backstrap, ambi mag releases, grip and trigger safeties and a fiber optic front sight…what’s not to like?

The XDs is new enough that the Springfield booth staff doesn’t even have an MSRP for it yet. They did say, though, that a .40’s in the works with a 9mm to follow soon thereafter.