Latest NYC Gun Law Casualty: Navy SEAL

Shaun Day made the mistake of running a red at 12:30 a.m. in the city that never sleeps. When pulled over by the cops, they found a 9mm and three mags in his truck. Day told the cops he was a Navy SEAL but didn’t have any proof. As a result, he spent a day in Bellevue under psychiatric care. Until, that is, the Navy sent people to confirm he actually is a SEAL and got him the hell out of there. . .

According to he was rambling incoherently during the traffic stop. Translation: he told the cops he was a SEAL, they didn’t believe him, figured he’s just a coked up wacko and dumped him at Bellevue. Charges against Day have been “deferred.” Translation: New York’s had enough bad publicity concerning their laughably restrictive firearms laws in the last month and they’d rather not charge an active duty SEAL with possession and suffer even more embarrassment. Look for the case to be quietly dropped.

[h/t Allen V.]