Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Adan Duran

Zaiven Ridley, who’s from Sacramento, somehow wandered almost 200 miles and decided to invade a home – apparently looking to kill whomever he found – in rural Kingsburg. For a reason no one has yet been able to divine, he chose Adan Duran’s home. Ridley chose poorly. . .

Duran heard Ridley trying to break into his garage. When that didn’t work, he tried the living room window. According to

…he went to the front of the house where he was confronted by two dogs that bit him.

Duran says he attacked the dogs and kept going.

He used the hammer to break the living room window, where Duran was waiting.

“When I see him come to me, I shoot at him,” said Duran.

He fired one round from his .357 magnum revolver in an effort to protect his four children and his wife, who were all home.

“I don’t like somebody to put one finger on anyone in my family,” said Duran.

The intruder was hit in the thigh.

“I never think about killing him. I want to stop him,” said Duran.

According to the video at the link – which we couldn’t embed – Duran was on the phone with the police the whole time. And the wind whistling through Ridley’s thigh didn’t keep him from flapping his gums.

“He told me ‘I want to kill people.’ I told him, you move one finger, I’m going to shoot you on your head,” said Duran.

His wife and kids had all locked themselves inside a bedroom – and stayed safe.

Which was when the cops pulled up.

Even in California, it’s not illegal to own a handgun and protect your family. You don’t need anything expensive and you don’t need to be able to shoot the eye out of a silver dollar flipped into the air. You just need to know how to fire the gun and the willingness to use it when your life is threatened.