CZ Importing 805 BREN A1 into U.S. By 2017. Maybe.

CZ manufactures the 805 BREN A1 in 5.56 for the Czech army. CZ’s marketing the select-fire, modular design (with a variable gas system convertible to 7.62) to European military clients. American LEO are interested, too. Naturally, CZ would love to import the 805 BREN A1 for the seemingly bottomless U.S. black rifle market. Unfortunately, the 805 BREN A1’s too scary for our friends at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires). Maybe it’s the 805 BREN A1’s creepy folding stock. Or the thing that folds up. That pistol grip looks pretty sinister, too. According to CZ’s spokesman, the 805 BREN A1’s on a “five-year glide path” to approval for sale in the US as a semi-auto rifle. Meanwhile, we hear that Mexican drug cartels have put their order in with their non-ATF suppliers.