Canton Cop Daniel Harless Fired For Motorist Abuse

Canton police officer and anger management poster boy Daniel Harless has been fired from the Canton, Ohio police force. Faithful TTAGers will recall officer Harless’s distinguished body of work. As so eloquently put it, “A pattern of verbal abuse and death or physical threats was too much for the city to overlook when deciding to fire Patrolman Daniel Harless, according to the safety director.” You can probably see how threatening to “execute” motorists who are licensed to carry a gun could be problematic.

According to safety director Thomas Ream who issued the ruling:

“It is quite clear that (Harless’) actions represented a pattern of behavior where inappropriate verbal abuse and threats of death or great bodily harm of the various complainants occurred,” Ream wrote in his ruling.

“This escalating pattern of potentially dangerous behavior cannot be justified or excused and clearly illustrates the seriousness of the departmental infractions,” he added.

As you’d expect, the Canon Police Patrolman’s Association will be appealing the ruling. CPPA president Bill Adams said,

“Obviously, it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that transpired,” Adams said. “We feel that due to the fact that (Harless) has PTSD, that nobody realized it for eight-plus years, for it to come to light the way it did … this is not a way we wanted this to play out. PTSD is obviously a disease.”

Adams said that the incident that sparked the illness occurred in 2003 when a suspect nearly bit off Harless’ finger while trying to get the officer’s gun.

Harless’s PTSD wasn’t diagnosed until after was finally removed from active duty for his abusive behavior, eight years after the incident that allegedly caused it.

In the mean time, let’s hear it for the guy who invented the Dash Cam, without which Patrolman Harless would still be prowling the streets of Canton.