Saiga-12 A Hit With the LEO Market at SHOT

Ah well. It looks like too few law enforcement agencies are TTAG readers. If they were, they might have read Foghorn’s review of the Saiga-12 shotgun. Nick’s advice: avoid ’em like the plague. But what the hell, they’re not spending their own money, they’re spending yours and mine. In any case, according to an English […]

OMG! OMG! A dog! In a park! OMG!

Speaking of dummies in the federal government, some of them seem to think it’s OK to enforce dog-walking regulations with less lethal weaponry. At least they do around San Francisco, that bastion of peace, love, tolerance and gun control. Just ask Gary Hesterberg who was out walking a couple of teacup poodles, Malteses or some […]

New Jersey to Make Killing a Cop Even More Illegal-er

There’s an old rule of thumb that states that any law that’s named after someone is almost invariably ill-conceived and poorly written. The reason: named laws (Anton’s Law or Meghan’s Law) are typically enacted in the wake of high-profile incidents or crimes by politicians looking to do something about a situation…practical applications and unintended consequences […]

Quote of the Day: Morbid Thoughts Edition

“Tragically, the one way NGAC will ‘win’ the Starbucks gun battle is if the brand’s policies lead to an intentional, or even accidental, homicide by gun inside a coffee shop. Then, Starbucks’ policy will take some blame for such a shooting which one expects would lead to a ban.” – Abe Sauer writing at […]

Arizonans Shooting Up Obama – The Shirt, Not the Man

[Ed: The following article is republished from with the author’s permission] This is all the Grand Canyon State needs – more bad press – when things are going well for freedom-loving Arizonans. Here’s the story at “The bullet riddled tee shirt of President Obama posted brazenly on Facebook by seven semi-automatic gun toting men among […]

Coming 2012: Concealed Carriers

Our buddy Nick Leghorn has only one weakness that we’ve been able to find. And that’s his ability to find and photograph booth babes. It’s something we’re trying to overlook. For now. Fortunately, he excels at sniffing out cool new firearms-related material. We first heard of the upcoming real deal Navy SEAL movie, Act of […]

Gun Review: Beretta M9/92A Take Two

[Ed: the following review originated as a comment from SFC Jose A. Garcia about our Beretta 92A1 review] I am a fan of the M9. I am also a senior NCO and leader of a marksmanship training team in the US Army. To date, my team and I have trained thousands of Soldiers deploying over […]

Freedom Group Swallows Para USA

The voracious maw that is Freedom Group, Inc. has devoured another now-formerly independent gun maker. This time it’s Para USA that’s cashed in and decided they’d rather be assimilated into the FGI Borg. And why not? Look how well it’s worked out for companies like Bushmaster, Marlin and AAC. Press release after the jump: