If your interpretation of ‘tactical’ means engaging in extended firefights with Kodiak island brown bears, Wild West Guns has just the secondary weapon system you need. Their drop-in .460 Rowland conversion kits will turn your .45 ACP 1911, M&P or XD-45 (pictured) into a bruin-blasting beast spitting out 230-grain punishment at 1250 fps. Suck that, 10mm!

Click here for more info on the .460 Rowland cartridge itself, if you dare.

14 Responses to New from Wild West Guns: .460 Rowland Springfield XD conversion

    • You do realize that the compact frame will fit on the “tactical” slide, and that Springfield sells them that way as an option, at least with the .45 XD, right?

    • That was my thought – I live amongst bruins and would love the idea of converting my trusty 1911 into a bruin ready tool

  1. The comment about my idea of being tactical is engaging Kodiak Brown Bears in a firefight had me rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off. Kudos. great job.

  2. I took my new conversion for my XD to the range today. Man that was a ton of fun and a bit brutal on my wrist. I put 50 rounds through it with no issues. It took me 5 to 10 rounds to get the feel for it. Great accuracy. There is no doubt that you are shooting a powerful round.

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