New from Savage: Model 42 Combination

The Savage Model 24 was an affordably-priced over-under combination gun, manufactured for decades. The company pulled the plug on the 24 some time ago, after Savage determined that they couldn’t build it out of steel and wood for less than $600 a copy. A near-constant clamor of die-hard fans has convinced Savage to bring the combination gun back in a new design: the Model 42. 

The Savage rep went to great pains to emphasize that the display model I handled was an unpolished prototype. I’m fine with prototypes, as long as I know that’s what I’m handling. Savage must have read my post from earlier today about bringing their ‘A’ game, which bodes well for them. I digress . . .

With an MSRP of $459 (street prices will be lower) the first Model 42 Combinations are scheduled to hit the shelves late in Q1 of 2012. The debut models will be chambered in .22lr/.410, with .22 Magnum and 20-gauge offerings to follow.

The barrels were blued, but the dark finish on the breechblock may have been crafted with a black Sharpie. The long gun’s butt-ugly red plastic ejector (shown) is a 3-d printer prototype part, rushed out for SHOT. Savage will fashion the production version out of metal.

I’d love to see a return of the classic American combination gun; and we’ll try to wrangle a T&E sample as and when.

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  1. avatarJohn says:

    Oh my lord…….

  2. avatarTom says:

    The originals were rather nice. Grandfather had one. .410 and .22lr.

  3. avatarMatt Gregg says:

    I’ll buy one if they come out with a 12ga/5.56 combo that is reasonably accurate.

  4. avatarBC; MT says:

    I’ll just wait for grandpappy to pass me his .222/12ga Tikka. Also, Savage should really ditch the intern from Hi-Point who crafted that stock.

  5. avatarwest philthy says:

    Pretty happy to see this. The 22 mag/20 combo is sweet for small game.

  6. avatarSoutherner says:

    If the rear sight placement is maintained on the production model, one would hope a peep sight / ghost ring sight system is adopted as standard.

  7. avatarNCG says:

    Love the concept, but that thing is truly hideous. Hopefully the production version will be better, and at least offer wood furniture as an option. Met a guy deer hunting a couple of years ago who had a really cool old .30-30/20ga combo (can’t remember the manufacturer), for grouse or squirrel during deer season, at least in theory. If I’m deer hunting, I’m probably not going to take a shot at a grouse. But for a utilitarian survival type gun it’s really nifty.

  8. avatarScott says:

    I’ve got no problem with the way this looks if it breaks down easily and weighs <5lbs. The only reason I'd buy this gun is that I could shove it in a gun sock and put it in my backpack. Wood doesn't stand up well to that type of treatment.

  9. avatarMAS says:

    that 30-30/20 gauge NCG saw was a Savage 24. There are lots of hunters, hikers and fishermen who would love to have the various caliber options available in a newer gun; the previous models are getting snapped up and the prices are so much higher than when new.
    Savage may be lurking at which has a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of 24 fans.

  10. avatarGlenn says:

    I tried, but I can’t find one line, shape, or accent on this gun that looks “right.” That style of “checkering” is hideous but it keeps showing up on new guns (i.e. grip pads on some of the Thompson Center Encores, etc). This thing nearly makes the Mossberg 464 Tactical Lever Action look good. I guess ugly CAN kill.

  11. avatarMike@NDS says:

    I personally love combo guns for small game hunting and as a general “survival tool”.However, this gun needs much refinement before I’d even consider spending $250 retail much less the $469 MSRP that was on the display at the SHOT Show.I handled it at the show; and in my opinion the stock needs to be smooth with traditional checkering, not the “Italian Sports Car” styling that the other poster alluded to.I wasn’t impressed with the plastic front sight/barrel band, hopefully that was a rapid prototype component also.A folding Williams peep sight would be cheap and an improvement over the rear unit shown.Overall, with some tweaks it could be a good pack rifle, much in the vein of the old Springfield M6.

    ETA: the edges of the trigger needs to be radiused also, If it’s a MIM part that should be changed in the mold.

    If it’s not, then they should have someone buff the edges at least. the one I handled was sharp and uncomfortable.

  12. avatarrossow (mn) says:

    I have maybe two dozen of the traditional Stevens Model .22/.410 and Savage Model 24 in various configurations. I love them all. This new Model 42 is truly an ugly beast. But then again, I’m a traditionalist. I guess the 42 would be better than having no Savage combo guns at all.

  13. Now that is what I call a deadly combination.

  14. avatarPrairie_Cossack says:

    Nice to see it back even in this strange form. I’d love to get one in 303Br/20 or 12ga or 243 12/20.

  15. avatarBryan MA says:

    I would like to se a version in .223/12G with camo stock/barrel/receiver weather shield finish, scope mount, screw in chokes, accu-trigger, recoil compensator, under 6 pounds. Would be a nice set up for coyotes with a 1.5 x 5 Leupold illuminated reticle at mid to short range shots.

  16. avatarDocTorr says:

    I’d part with my Hakim and probably one of my ARs to have one in .22LR/20ga.

    • avatarGary says:

      just seen them at wally world for 325- 22/410

      at the price orfAr’s now you could get 5 of them- lol

  17. avatarBryan MA says:

    Another concept for this model would be a take down model. Barrel and receiver comes off and goes into a hollow floatable stock much like a AR7. Could be called by a new model name. Savage Survivor

  18. avatarTom says:

    Id like to see the 17HMR w/410 combo

  19. avatarDean Barefield says:

    I have fond memories of the older model, but this gun is plain ugly. I want one of the older ones but I am not going to pay that price for this gun, and I like Savage guns in general.

  20. avatarMike says:

    My ideal Turkey gun would be 17HMR over 3 or even 3 1/2 inch 12 G combo.

  21. avatarHank Hosking says:

    My old 24F, 30-30/12ga, has served me very well on Maine deer and partridges. As I’m about thru hunting nowadays, what is a fair price to ask for a gun that’s 90% original?

  22. avatarBen says:

    Any idea yet when this is released?

    • avatarFindYourInnerWoodsman says:

      I saw one in my local walmart (SW Missouri) tonight. Its price was around 340$ I have a savage 24 where the two barrels were mated…still a heavy gun. I think this is a reasonable price though would be better if 40 dollars cheaper.

  23. avatarBri says:

    Anybody given one of these to a child,grandchild?

    I am very curious about their reactions to it?

  24. avatarJohn C Davis says:

    Dr D speaks, I own the Model 24 in 30-30 0ver 20 ga, It is a truly versitile ranch rifle, with “Leverevolution” and accellerator amunition on the top and a wide variety of shot gun loads it has been my truck mate for 25 years. My son covets it but will literally get it over my dead body. So we are looking for another one to avoid my untinely passing. Hoping Savage steps up to a modest big game legal center fire on top. Great to see it return.

  25. avatarchris says:

    I like EVERYTHING about this model. I am looking for a farm/ranch model for my wife and young girl to keep Coyotes and Crows out of the yard. It is also a weapon I will let my kids use for their first hunts.

    I am really looking at a .17 hmr .410 combination. The ballistics advantages of the .17 hmr far outweigh the .22 mag and I think should be the very next option.

    I realize accuracy on these combos is somwhat lacking but a minute and 1/2 group @ 100Y would be totally acceptable with the open sites and relative advantage of having both options.

    WIN WIN!

  26. avatargailsanford says:

    Does the Savage model 42 have scope grooves or other means to mount a scope?

    • avatarChuckieB says:

      I too would like to know if there is the ability to replace the sights either better open or scope. have you had any other replies to your query?

  27. avatarWoodster says:

    I grew up with a model 24 and would purchase three of various combs for my children.
    I lament the day my cousin stole the rifle from my grandfather. A great firearm, .22WMR/ 20ga, .223 or .243/ 20 or 12ga, 30-30/12ga. SOLD SOLD SOLD !!!

  28. avatarmalcolm mac donald says:

    have .22/20 ga savage 24. love it. will never part with it. have whacked so many skunks, raccoons, opossums, and other varmints with it because it is sooooo accurate.

  29. avatarKaren says:

    I will be looking for the 22mag/410 version. Any idea what the cost might be?

  30. avatarpat says:

    thay should make a .223/.410 would be good a 223 can drop a deer and 410 for rabbits and ground hogs

  31. avatarBrian Fendley says:

    That model 42 looks hideous. I find it difficult to believe they could not manufacture an existing design such as the Model 24C which is a far more simple and attractive firearm in my opinion for under $450.00 retail price of the Model 42 I’m very disappointed they did not stick with what they had.

  32. avatarBozo says:

    Hey I’m looking for a Savage 22 mag over 20 gaug I can spend 250/300

  33. avatarSteve says:

    Have older model 24. It’s a 22/20 and I really like it. It’s simple, easy to carry, and reliable. If anyone has a 30-30/20 PLEASE let me know if you’d like to sell it.

    • avatarDavid Wood says:

      I have a Savage Model 24 30-30 over 20ga I would sell. 20 ga never fired. 30-30 maybe 5 rounds. Synthetic stock. Pristine like new condition. This is a solid gun a lil heavy for its size but not too heavy. I am located in the southwestern part of VA. Make me an offer.

  34. avatarDavid Wood says:

    I have a Savage Model 24 30-30 over 20ga I would sell. 20 ga never fired. 30-30 maybe 5 rounds. Synthetic stock. Pristine like new condition. This is a solid gun a lil heavy for its size but not too heavy. I am located in the southwestern part of VA. Make me an offer.

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