New From Beretta: ARX-160 .22 Pistol


How many .22 clones can you shoot in one day? Keep guessing. In the meantime here’s video of me vainly plinking away with Beretta’s very newest rimfire offering: a .22 clone of their pricy ARX-160. What is there to say about a two-handed, five-pound pistol with precise aperture sights and a mediocre trigger? If we’re feeling charitable, it feeds and fires reliably using ‘standard’ .22 AR magazines. I’m usually a decent shot with a .22 rifle or pistol, but I listened in vain for the ‘ping’ of lead hitting steel as I fired this bit of firearms curiosa to little effect. The main reason why this is a FOAB (Fish on A Bicycle) firearm . . .

The supplied (pop-up) aperture sights are nearly impossible to use. This gun begs for a big red-dot sight. RF begged me to throw a towel over it; he thinks the ARX-160 is the ugliest gun he’s ever seen. I think it would look awesome in the hands of a sci-fi Space Marine.

The ARX-160’s so new that no price has been announced yet. The sample I fired may in fact be the world’s only working prototype. As with the .22 Mini-Uzi pistol I demoed just before this, I fail to see the point of turning rifles into pistols. But somebody must see a reason for doing so (money?) or else they’d stop making them.