Made in California? FMK 9C1 9mm

California and gunmaking: two words that go together like the oxymoronic simile of your choice. I’m thinking ‘Columbia University’ and ‘Football’ myself, but I concede that ‘Illinois’ and ‘Good Governors’ works too. Regardless of your literary aspirations, the Golden State makes it extremely inconvenient to even own firearms and damned-near impossible to manufacture them. FMK Firearms doesn’t care: they’ve jumped through the hoops to get the 9C1 certified for sale in both California and Massachusetts. . .

And FMK doesn’t care much for liberal politics, either. “Thank You: U.S. Soldiers” is molded into every frame, and most production models (not shown) will have the Bill Of Rights etched onto the slide, along with quotes from the Founding Fathers. Suck that, Noam Chomsky!

Farago and I manhandled their latest 9C1 9mm at Media Day At The Range, and it came away as one of our favorite guns of the day. The polymer-frame, striker-fired, slick-slide double-stack design is anything but revolutionary, but our short (50-round) shooting session left us impressed with the handling and refinement of this very new pistol. The trigger was among the best we tested all day, comparing favorably to much spendier offerings from FN, H&K, and Glock.

If it performs as well as the tester we fired at the SHOT Show, the 9C1 should make a Fukushima-sized splash when it hits the shelves of A Dealer New You in the coming months. It will ship with two 14-round magazines (or mincy little 10-rounders for our brothers in CA and MA) and a selection of interchangeable front and rear sights.

And all for a suggested list of $399.

We’re pushing hard to get a T&E gun, to see if it lives up to its promise. Click here to check out an earlier design for yourself; I think the ‘Gen-2′ we shot is much better looking.

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  1. avatarJS III says:

    A glock clone with a good trigger out of the box? Sounds good. In a couple years maybe when lots of people have put thousamds of rounds downrange i might just buy one. Never been one much for beta testing

  2. avatarJTB says:

    I wounder if anyone has though of making a new handgun that accepts a readily available pre-ban magazine.

  3. avatarPhil J says:

    So happy to see something like this. If it works and is reliable enough for carry, I’m in. No too hard on the eyes, either.

  4. avatarDarren says:

    They’re welcome to move production to Texas when things get untenable in California for them, which should happen in 5…4…3…2…

  5. avatarMadDawg J says:

    I’m not a Glock man, I love my 1911s, but when you say:

    ““Thank You: U.S. Soldiers” is molded into every frame, and most production models (not shown) will have the Bill Of Rights etched onto the slide, along with quotes from the Founding Fathers.”

    I think I’ll pick one up and throw it in the safe. Maybe one day it will be worth money, maybe not, and I doubt I’ll shoot it much, but it will have a place in my collection.

  6. avatarmatt says:

    What a review! 5 paragraphs, and I learned the price, and that you guys put 50 rounds thru it at SHOT.

    So what exactly is the appeal of a gun with no aftermarket support, and no new or interesting features. And what is up with the inverse palm swell on the grips? Or the bright orange trigger safety? And the ‘bill of rights’ model is just plain fugly and a great example of why all laser engravers should be destroyed.

    • avatarmatt says:

      And why is the trigger pivot pin sticking out from the frame on the right hand side? The pics on their website show it being flush with the frame. Walking pins are never a good thing.

      • avatarMatt G. says:

        It’s not a review, FLAME DELETED, its a heads up. They even mention at the end that they are pushing to get a gun for T&E, after which they will no doubt do a review.

    • avatarDarren says:

      Reliabilty issues aside, the street price will be comparable to the Stoeger 9000, the relabeled version of the Beretta Cougar. The Cougar/9000 will take most Beretta 92 mags, which is a bonus. On the plus side FMK is made here, while the 9000 is an Italian pistol made by Turks.

      I’ll wait for the T&E.

  7. avatarBarstow Cowboy says:

    Not to be a wet blanket here, but something’s really bothering me. First off, Mr Dumm incorrectly transcribed the engraving on the side of the weapon. If you look closely, it doesn’t say “Thank You: U.S. Soldiers”, it actually reads,”Thank You; U.S. Soldiers”. The difference is the colon versus the semi-colon. In either example, the use of the colon or the semi-colon is incorrect, but since the manufacturers used the semi-colon, I’ll focus on that. The semi-colon is most often used to link two independent clauses, and in a few other situations, none of which apply with the phrase “Thank you U.S. Soldiers”. I know it seems petty, but since conservatives and 2A supporters are routinely labeled as illiterate morons, it doesn’t help the image to etch gross grammatical malfeasance into hard plastic to been seen and picked at for all time. It gives ammunition to those who say gun owners are ignorant rednecks. If they managed to screw up a four word sentence, I’m sure they must’ve wrecked the Bill of Rights too. If they want to write all over their guns, they might do well to hire an editor.

  8. avatarDonWorsham says:

    Ask them to make one in .22LR with a good trigger and no external safety.

    • avatarJay Dunn says:

      Don, I just have to ask-do you use .22LR pistols for CCW? Otherwise what would bother you about a safety? Both my Sig and my Beretta have safeties but since I only use them as range toys I don’t see the problem.

      • avatarDarrell says:

        Not sure about CCW but it is a good bear defense round.
        All you have to do is knee cap the other guy so you can out run him and no more worries about the bear.

  9. avatarokto says:

    If I can get one without the engraved jingoism, I’m all game.
    It’s not that I don’t like the Bill of Rights; I LOVE the Bill of Rights. On parchment in an argon-filled vault in Washington DC.

    It’s a gun, not a bumper sticker. Having stuff engraved all over it—regardless of what the words are—looks tacky, and it smacks of insecurity and adversarialism. I don’t need to remind myself what I believe, and I don’t need other people’s approval of my beliefs.

  10. avatarJason says:

    “Mag-out safety.”

    Sorry, no. You don’t get any points for respecting the Bill of Rights if you don’t respect my ability to check the chamber. I won’t buy guns that insult my intelligence.

    • avatarDrew says:

      Blame Ca. and Ma. for that one. Easily disabled on most firearms anyway but lack of it is what keeps Gen 4 Glocks out of Ca. (no big loss there but still). I appreciate the effort FMK is going to, but I won’t be replacing my Gen 3 G19 until it wears out, and I’m already 46 so…

      • avatarAnonymouse says:

        Don’t forget to blame the many idiot gun owners who think that magazine out==unloaded, which allowed the legislature to add that requirement.

        Given that there have even been cops, shot with their own gun, because they thought “magazine out == unloaded” with their Glock, its understandable how the CA and MA legislatures passed that requirement.

    • avatarMatt G. says:

      So, Jason, you want a California based company to make a gun that couldn’t be sold in California? Sounds kinda stupid.

      • avatarRopingdown says:

        It’s occurring everyday in Massachusetts. These states love a buck, and neither trusts its peasants. Waves of immigration encouraged them to double-down on that opinion. Affluent people in both states just take a short flight to enjoy some rights for a day or two. CA prefers that only the elite have a gun AND an education. “They don’t need good public schooling to scrub my floors!”

      • avatarJason says:

        Not as stupid as choosing to build guns in California in the first place.

  11. avatarDrew says:

    The engraving on the frame could be removed without much trouble, and assuming the slide is just embossed, it’s nothing a coat of dura kote couldn’t fix. But for $100 bucks more you could save yourself all the work, so I agree it’s a deal killer.

    • avatarRopingdown says:

      That little bit of ‘removal’ would make it illegal in NJ, amongst other places.

      • avatarDrew says:

        Can’t alter a gun at all? Even if the seral number is unaffected? So no stippling or refinishing or anything?

        • avatarRopingdown says:

          Nobody knows what is ‘too much.’ I suppose some one will test the vague wording once the law passes.

  12. avatarSteven says:

    Don’t see the point.

    Saw one of these in person. Better looking and more ergonomic than a hipoint at twice the price, but unfortunately in the same class.

  13. avatarDennis says:

    As a Marine (there are no ex-Marines) it seems as though the inscription should read ” Thank you U.S. military” unless they are only thanking Army and not Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines. “Soldiers” are Army.

    • avatarBarstow Cowboy says:

      Maybe he only intended to thank the Army…possible?

    • avatarWT says:

      As a retired Army Warrant I agree. And take out the semi-colon.
      The KISS formula always works well.

    • avatarDonald says:

      OH MY GOD! You all are a bunch of complaining women. A Marine offended that the gun says “Soldier” and another who has a problem with “In God We Trust”? I only wish that other manufacturers were doing something so cool. If I do end up buying a Glock I should have it engraved just like this one so you can all blow a gasket over that too.

  14. avatarRalph says:

    That gun’s nice trigger will have to go if the pistol is to be sold in MA. Bray State dealers are not allowed to sell guns with nice triggers. The state requires a “child safe” ten-pound trigger pull for DA pistols, or the pistol cannot be sold by a dealer. It’s perfectly legal for the owner to take the pistol to a gunsmith to have the trigger restored to its original condition, but that adds significant cost to the purchase.

  15. avatarJP in Tennessee says:

    I agree with you Dennis, mentioning only “Soldiers” (and I am a former soldier, unlike you, who will always be a Marine) was a poor choice and fails to thank the other fine servicemembers of the U.S. Armed Forces.

    • avatarST says:

      This isn’t a problem that has an easy solution.

      Engraving ” Thank you U.S. Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors,and Coast Guard” would require a Desert Eagle .50 AE sized slide to accommodate.

      As a former Airman, I am not insulted by the use of Soldiers and appreciate the message being sent.

  16. avatarBrandon says:

    I don’t know but that grip looks like it would be a little too slick for my liking.

  17. Unless dramatic cuts are made to social programs, education, and bloated bureaucracy, this state is clearly headed toward bankruptcy. Also corporate welfare has to end and the tax breaks should instead be focused at small growing businesses.

    • avatarCharlessolomon says:

      To Califarcia politics 2011: Don’t forget gov jerry moonbeam’s $10Billion spent in 2013 for “Essential services for “undocumented immigrants” and their anchor babies”……Please SEE: “FBI sting nets california senator leeland yee” for a Real laugh,as well as at kamala harris’ firing pin monopoly scheme being a violation of The Sherman Act destroying interstate trade…A Federal Felony.. blocked by the jungleBunny in the WhoodHouse.

  18. avatarJon says:

    A gun that has “In God We Trust” etched in large letters on the top of the slide? No thanks. A simple American flag would be enough to get the point across.

  19. avatarJohn Crumpley says:

    As a former Army combat officer married to a former Marine, I bleed red, white and blue. However, putting a bunch of patriotic sayings on a gun that is supposedly for EDC stinks with the smell of crass commercialism…nothing less.

    Comparing the trigger pull (their ads say nine pounds), to other weapons (Glock, for example), I find that a bit too much for my liking.

    Lastly…building a firearm in California??? What’s up with that?

    • avatarCharlessolomon says:

      They can move when moonbeams is all over them and the time comes. Why do you think that state is NOW called caliFARCIA.

  20. avatarSanchanim says:

    I would be interested in knowing if they plan on a plain non scribed version. Sure the writing is cool if it is on display, but I think they have a winner if folks have options.
    Also I heard they went to a full metal slide assembly on the Gen II version.

  21. avatarZOmbieHunter707 says:

    yeah it is kinda cheesy a bunch of right wing type stuff all over my gun. But its a damn good firearm (trigger takes some getting used)” and Its a representation of real Californians not abunch of hot tubbers and legislators from L.A. and
    San francisco who want everything to be red. My only hand gun (traded my sig)

  22. avatarWALT MARSH says:


  23. avatarEdward Hurst says:

    The comments about “Thank you Soldiers” are not accurate. I am former Army and Air Force. I thought all military personnel realized that when it all comes down to it that we are ALL foot soldiers regardless to the branch of service. The term “Soldier” refers to ALL military personnel.
    I thank ALL that have served.

    • avatarMatt says:

      I believe the “US Soldiers” is meant to thank the individuals who serve rather than the organizations under which they serve. Thanking the “US Military” could be seen as thanking the government and the nation’s policies – rather than the men and women who choose to put their lives on the line for all of us.

      My dad has a Gen 2 with the fast action trigger and it is a very nice gun to shoot – might pick one up for myself when I am ready for a 9mm, then again it is not small, my first 9mm might be for CCW. Don’t recall exactly but the price with shipping and FFL was somewhere in the sub $400 range – might have been around $300 purchase price without the other fees.

    • avatarDonald says:

      Thank you.

  24. avatarDonald says:

    OH MY GOD! You all are a bunch of complaining women. A Marine offended that the gun says “Soldier” and another who has a problem with “In God We Trust”? I only wish that other manufacturers were doing something so cool. If I do end up buying a Glock I should have it engraved just like this one so you can all blow a gasket over that too.

  25. avatarJoe says:

    “And FMK doesn’t care much for liberal politics, either. “Thank You: U.S. Soldiers” is molded into every frame, and most production models (not shown) will have the Bill Of Rights etched onto the slide, along with quotes from the Founding Fathers. Suck that, Noam Chomsky!”

    So, Liberals aren’t patriotic? Ridiculous comment.

  26. avatarsylvia somers says:

    i receintly bought a fmk 9mm, mine has the 2od ammendt on it but not the case. i would really,really like a case with the writing on it to go with my gun. will you please send me one for free, christmas time, nim out of money, please thanks sylvia

    sylvia somers thanks again
    3325 146th st w
    rosemount,mn 55068

  27. avatarCharles solomon says:

    I checked out the FMK 9C1 at Turners and came away Interested. Also like the Century Arms Arcus 98DAC, can’t get it here in califarcia YET. But thanks to state “senator” leleand yee illegal M16 sting buy with FBI AND their violation of The Sherman Anti Trust Act, these Federal Violation “laws” will soon be at an end; as well as waiting 42 days for an additional pistol Per Pistol.

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