Got $40? Meet the .950 JDJ

Wanna launch a 1/2-pound bullet at 2300 feet per second? It’s gonna cost you ($40 per round) and it’s gonna hurt. It may break your ribs when you fire it, but the .950 JDJ has one advantage over other cartridges in the 20mm antiaircraft category: it has an almost-unique ATFE ‘sporting use exception’ which allows you to own it without jumping through the burning hoops of fire completing NFA paperwork required for ‘Destructive Devices.’ All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up . . .

I met a custom ammunition maker who’s willing to do the milling and lathing required to load up these beasts. Here I am posing with a [thankfully inert] display cartridge. And I am big; it’s the bullets that got bigger!