Ricardo Pimentel’s Faustian Bargain

Columnist O. Ricardo Pimentel doesn’t seem to like guns very much. Oh, he’s willing to admit that they have their moments, citing this incident in San Antonio where a homeowner shot at two armed men (killing one, wounding the other) coming into his house through his garage. But Ricardo almost immediately goes into damning-with-faint-praise mode […]

Live Free or Die? Not on Campus

The New Hampshire House recently passed a statewide preemption bill. The state Senate appears to have punted, relegating the bill to “further study” limbo. Among other things, the bill would prevent public universities and colleges from enacting campus bans. This provision, predictably, is causing widespread panty-soiling hysteria amongst the usual suspects. . .

Unequal Protection For The Second Amendment

South Carolina’s new voter ID act has been in the news lately, with various civil rights groups and the Department of Justice damning it as discriminatory and racist. In fact, DoJ Civil Rights Division Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez wrote a letter to Assistant Deputy Attorney General C. Havird Jones, Jr., Esq. concerning South […]

Blood Dancing (and Lies) at PolicyMic.com

PolicyMic.com recently published a commentary on the crime situation in Honduras. Titled Honduras, Murder Capital of the World, Proof that NRA’s Gun-Freedom Dream is Flawed they gleefully use this horrific situation to push their flawed and false gun control agenda. In fact, the lies start in the first sentence: “After every tragic, gun-related multiple homicide, […]

It’s Time for State-Mandated Voter Training. Or not.

The Athens Banner-Herald published an editorial a couple of days ago that supported a bill in the GA legislature which, “would require applicants to complete a four-hour firearms safety training course from either a certified peace officer or a state-licensed weapons training instructor” in order to receive a permit to carry. Naturally this stirred up […]

Just How Practical is Microstamping?

I previously looked at the legal problems with New York’s proposed microstamping bill, but I imagine there are those out there who will say “Yes, yes, but those problems can be ironed out; the important thing is to get microstamping guns out there so we can start catching murderers!” That brings up the question of […]

I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own

Albany New York’s Legislative Gazette has a piece on the recent candlelight vigil to honor victims of gun violence. According to the Brady Campaign which coordinated the event, there were 67 vigils across the country (and that is counting the 5 ‘private’ events). But I am not going to mock the Brady Bunch . . […]

Microstamping’s Back. In New York. Again. Still.

According to the NSSF the New York State Assembly is, once again, considering a bill (AB 1157b) which would require all semi-auto handguns manufactured or sold in the state, “…is  manufactured to produce a unique alpha-numeric or geometric code on at least two  locations on each expended cartridge case that identifies the make, model, and […]

A So-Called Lawful Gun Owner Responds

God bless mikeb30200. Sometimes I don’t know what I’d write about if he wasn’t such a frequent and ardent contributor. I recently did a piece on how quiet revolutions in manufacturing and materials will allow people to make their own guns at home. As is his way, mike commented: Bruce, You write this stuff and […]

How to Build Your Own Firearm

The antis’ worst fears are becoming reality and most of them don’t even realize it. Yet. You see, there’s a quiet revolution taking place in the home manufacturing and materials industries. You can now buy desktop milling machines and 3D printers for under $800. As the technologies improve, prices will only continue to drop. Now whatintheheck […]