Ruger Releases SP101 .357 Magnum With 4.2″ Barrel and Fiber Optic Sights

TTAG’s review of the new Ruger .22LR SP101 got caught in my personal spam filter. It’s coming (as is Christmas). Turns out it was a fortuitous delay. Ruger’s fit the adjustable fiber optic sights that debuted on the .22 caliber SP101 onto the .38/.357 SP101. You can now train on Ruger’s .22 and then transfer your skills to the .38/.357 (both of which have a 4.2″ barrel). The move provides a not entirely unexpected raison d’etre for the .22LR and upgrades the SP101 .38/357‘s sites for about $60 over the fixed site version ($689 msrp). Not a carry piece and there are better ways to fire a .357 and it looks kinda goofy but if accuracy’s your thing and you like checkered walnut grips, this one’s a keeper. Like all SP101’s, it’s probably built like a brick, house.