VIDEO: Reloading .300 AAC Blackout Using 5.56 Brass

One of the big benefits of the .300 AAC Blackout round is that you can use 5.56 NATO brass and turn it into .300 BLK with not too much extra work. I got bored last night and made this video describing the process in detail, walking you through the entire reloading process for .300 BLK. Make the jump for a quick comparison of the price of factory .300 BLK versus reloads.

Factory ammo:

  • Subsonic: $1.09/round
  • Supersonic: $.90

My reloads:

  • Powder: $0.03 (1 lb/$21, 700 rounds worth)
  • Primer: $0.04 (1,000/$42)
  • Bullet: $0.22 (100/$22)
  • Brass: FREE!
  • Total $/Round: $0.29

The difference is staggering, and definitely worth the investment.