Question of the Day: Are You Planning on Going to SHOT 2012? (Possible TTAG Reader Meetup)

The SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada is THE firearms event to attend. It’s where the companies you know and love come together to introduce their latest creations, show off their wares and give us a glimpse into what’s planned for the future. It also (for press, at least) gives us an opportunity to fire more guns and use more gubbins than we’ve ever had at our disposal before and report back to you, our readers. The only thing better than reading about SHOT on TTAG is being there yourself. Seeing as SHOT is only 42 days away the question is: will you be there? If enough of you are planning to attend I was going to start looking into a meet & greet event of some sort — I already have a ton of free prizes to give away and I need a venue to do so. Preferably with beer. BE AWARE: Only people connected to the firearms industry are allowed inside, as access to the show is tightly restricted. But if you have an FFL or work for someone who is in the industry you can apply for an attendee badge here.

SHOT 2012 —  January 17-20, 2012 — Sands Expo Convention Center — Las Vegas, NV