52 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. “Praise God and pass the ammunition.”

    “Bring a shotgun to your daughter’s wedding ceremony and see what happens.”

    “He said an eye for an eye.”

  2. so…..not contributing to the collection plate this week huh……
    your son said i did what to him???……

  3. I’ll Bless you!!!

    Sometime contrition just isn’t enough.

    Call me an Infidel one more time.

    These bacon fat lubricated bullets have miraculous accuracy.

  4. Fed up with low Sunday attendance, Father Anton employs drastic measures to ensure the heathens will be on time and in their seats for mass.

  5. The day the Catholics misunderstood BMG to stand for Baptist Machine Gun…

    Or Blasphemy Machine Gun

    Or Big Mother-Mary Gun

  6. “Well now, did I fire 5 or did I fire 6…… Now ask your self, do you feel lucky punk ….. Well do ya'” Father Dimapollis relives his secret passion as a Eastwood impersonator.

  7. LIVE! From the Coliseum! It was Lions 7, Christians 0 at the half, but now the Christians have brought in their secret weapon . . .

  8. Guns, religion, and soldiers all in the same pic. Instant liberal head-exploder.

    That’s not a caption, just thinking it.

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