Preview: JR Carbines 9mm Glock Mag Carbine

Freshly received by my friendly neighborhood FFL for testing and review purposes is this pistol caliber carbine made by Just Right Carbines of Canandaigua, NY. The bipod and scope are for beauty shot purposes only. Everything else you see, above, is exactly as it comes out of the box. And for you southpaws, their guns – available in 9mm, .40 and .45 – are truly ambidextrous, allowing you to shift sides for both the ejection port and charging handle…

I already own a Glock-flavored 9mm SUB-2000 and the JR guns take the Austrian mags, too. That’s right, you can load one of these up with 33 rounds of parabellum fun. And while the build quality of the JR gun and the Kel Tec folder are worlds apart – it’s kinda like comparing a Kia and a Maybach – I’m just the idiot to do it. In any case, watch this space for the full frontal review in the next couple of weeks.