From the ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That’ Department…

A Wisconsin Assemblyman has a noticed a problem:

State Assembly Democrat Josh Zepnick said he has many constituents who have been victims of violent crime and that Milwaukee in particular has seen an uptick in violent crime around convenience stores.

But don’t worry, as tells us, Milwaukeean Brother JayZee has a solution…

A bill proposed by a Wisconsin legislator would ban concealed weapons at Wisconsin gas stations.

That’s right, Zepnick’s brainstorm to discourage crime is to A) make armed robbery even more illegal(er) and 2) ensure all law-abiding customers at the local Stop-n-Rob will be defenseless.

JayZee’s A.B. 406 will make it a felony for permit-holders to either carry or have in their vehicle a loaded revolver, pistol, cap-lock or flint-lock muzzle loading handgun (but apparently match-locks are kosher). Not only will this law provide a much safer working environment for Wisconsin’s thriving criminal community, but it will enable any thugs who have eyes and a couple of working brain-cells to determine which potential victims have (unloaded) guns in their vehicles.

Seriously, will someone please explain to me what mental process do the antis go through to come up with ideas like this?