New Chiappa 1887 TSeries 12-Gauge Lever Shotgun

Staking out the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Show in Reno, the American Rifleman’s riflemen uncovered some new product (ahead of January’s SHOT show). Click here for their most excellent photo gallery of guns to come. One of the more interesting firearms (in the “Gee Honey that’s an interesting dress” sense of the term): the Chiappa 1887 T-Series 12-Gauge Lever Shotgun. “This 5+1 capacity defensive lever gun features an 18.5-inch barrel with an overall length of 26 inches. The TSeries shotguns will be available in a modern configuration, with black synthetic furniture (shown), or in the Bootlegger configuration featuring a period finish and wooden fixtures.” The 1887 TSeries lever gun looks an awful lot like a sawn-off shotgun to me. And you know what that means . . . It’s a hit!