Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Another Milwaukee Cop

We talk a lot about small guns around here: mini 9s (the little black dress of the gun world) and .380s. Some people say they suck. They consider them unreliable, less-lethal firearms. Others really like the mighty minis ’cause they’re small (logically enough). If you’re of sufficient stature (and your pants are baggy enough) you can tote one in a pocket. There’s just one thing to remember when you stow a gun—any gun—in a pocket…

You need a holster. First, you don’t want everyone and his brother to see the outline of your pistol right there on your thigh. Printing’s a no-no. Some jelly-spined gun muggle may call 5-0 on you and ruin your day. Second, and more important, the holster covers the trigger so you don’t suffer the indignity—not to mention the blood loss and co-pay—of a negligent discharge.

But using a holster while pocket carrying is one lesson an unidentified MPD cop evidently slept through at the academy. Digesting all that cheese must be exhausting. Your eye in the sky, has the story:

Greendale Police Chief Robert Malasuk told us that the Milwaukee Police officer was in front of the pretzel shop at Southridge at 4:00 p.m. Wednesday when the officer reached in a pocket to get money for a purchase.

The chief said that’s when the gun accidentally went off.

No one was hurt, and the chief explained the bullet disintegrated when it hit the marble floor, so nothing was damaged.

Malasuk said the off-duty officer’s gun never fell to the floor.

According to the Greendale chief, the officer was turned over to MPD to review proper safety protocol.

Ah, a proper safety protocol review. Think of it as a little remedial education. And don’t you just love how cops are almost never named with they screw up? As long as no one, you know, dies or anything. You can be sure any Joe Citizen would have been afforded the same courtesy if he’d ND’d in the middle of a busy shopping mall. Right after he was thrown to the ground and frog-marched out the door in cuffs.

Alas, without a name, we’ll have to award our IGOTD trophy in absentia this time. But don’t worry. The way the Milwaukee PD’s been going recently, we’ll probably get to award one of their finest by name real soon.