New Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Quad Rail

Our man Oleg Volk over at (you guessed it) must be closerthanthis with Kel-Tec. The snapper’s had a KSG bullpup shotgun since ever, and he’s now got dibs on the new Quad-Rail Sub-2000. This could be the Sub-2000 you’re looking for. “The original quad rail for Sub-2000 had a bit of flex in it,” Oleg reports with uncharacteristic understatement. “While sights installed on it seemed to keep zero, it didn’t inspire confidence.” Thankfully, “Keltec updated the rail and the new version is rock-solid. I tried a 45* offset rail to locate the optic on the left, to allow folding with the sight installed, but that amount of offset didn’t make for a good sight picture . . . While the sight keeps the carbine from being folded completely, it can be folded 2/3 of the way. It still fits in a briefcase or a messenger bag and unfolds with one hand as the latch is no longer engaged.” Closeenoughforrockandroll?