Gun Tweet of the Day: Brady Campaign’s Trick Question

@Tammy4Congress What is your platform regarding reducing gun violence? Are you against “armed resistance” to democracy in the name of 2A?” Wait. What? Who’s resisting American democracy by force of arms? I thought Americans who keep arms in a “break glass in case of government tyranny” container are pro-democracy. As defined by the U.S. Constitution, which contains the aforementioned 2A (Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms). Ah, hold on. I get it. The BradyBuzz Tweet factory is using the word “democracy” here to mean “unconstitutional government tyranny.” OK, so let me rephrase the question for Tammy Duckworth, Democratic candidate for Illinois’ 8th Congressional District, so it makes sense. “Are you against armed resistance by citizens against government officials who would confiscate firearms owned by those citizens in contravention of the Second Amendment?”