SI: Seven New Guns, .300 AAC Blackout Belle of the Ball

Our friends over at Shooting Illustrated have posted up some new guns that Remington, DPMS and Bushmaster are going to be rolling out in the next year. Predictably these rifles are AR-15 variants, but most of the offerings appear to be mainly of the .300 AAC Blackout variety and silencer ready. Make the jump for what’s coming and some analysis…

It looks like Freedom Group, owners of Bushmaster, Remington and AAC, have begun cross-pollinating their product lines and sprinkling some of that AAC magic around. I’m a HUGE fan of the .300 Blackout round (click for review) so seeing more guns using that cartridge is always a plus, especially since increased demand will drive down the price.

The most surprising feature of these new Bushmaster rifles (and even some of the DPMS rifles) is that they come from the factory with flash hider mounts for AAC’s silencers. With inflation driving down the value of that $200 stamp we may be on the tipping point of widespread silencer adoption by the firearms community, taking cans from a specialty item that only some own to a widely used safety device. Personally, I can’t wait.

Here’s what Shooting Illustrated says is coming:

  • Bushmaster: 16″ AR-15 Carbine in .300 BLK with AAC flash hider and free floated rifle length quad rails. MSRP reportedly $1,471.
  • DPMS: Two 16″ AR-15 Carbines in .300 BLK with AAC mounts and a new “M111” floating forend. The top has a full length rail but the rest is smooth and round. One will ship with an “inert suppressor” (think GSG-522-SD) and the other will ship with an AAC Brakeout mount.
  • DPMS: 16″ AR-15 with rifle length gas system and rifle length “M111” forends.
  • DPMS: “Tactical Precision Rifle” in 5.56mm NATO, an enhanced DPMS SDMR. 20″ barrel, rifle length gas system, “M111” forend, AAC muzzle brake.
  • Remington: Versa Max Tactical shotgun. 20″ barrel, 8+1 capacity, extended charging handle, 3 1/2 inch chamber.
  • Remington: R1 1911 in Stainless Steel. Pretty.

In addition, new loads for the .300 AAC Blackout round are scheduled to start shipping to dealers sometime in the near future.

Naturally, Shooting Illustrated’s website is, well, illustrated. So hop on over for a peek at the goods.

[h/t Shooting Illustrated via Gunmart]