Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: weaponseducation

This guy came to my attention when he made a video of himself pressuring a young kid who was shooting for the very first time to fire his .50 AE Desert Eagle. Even after the kid wanted to stop, he forced the kid to keep going. It got unsafe around the end of the video. He’s taken it down since, but I get the feeling that there’s more where that came from. I only watched the first four minutes of this one but he already made it clear that he’s an insufferable douchebag, stuck his sausage finger in front of the barrel of a handgun, pointed a loaded Sig 556 at his cameraman, and left a loaded rifle in a car and walked in front of it. Those who don’t know gun safety shouldn’t teach. Or you could say, beware of the man with nine home defense guns, two huge knives and an axe.


  1. avatar RKflorida says:

    These are the boys who never grew up and probably never will. They have the “mines bigger than yours” attitude. They are a constant danger to everyone around them.

    1. avatar Hydro Mike says:

      Did he say that his was bigger than yours? How is he a constant danger to you? Your right to self defence scares me if you think he is endangering your life…people have a right to post, right to read other peoples posts…but why make up falsehoods?

  2. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    Apparently, his cameraman is a cameraWOMAN. (Or that would be MRS. Douchebag to you.) And judging from his cars, weapons, and surroundings, he’s a RICH douchebag. And sounds to me like one of those guys who’s a “legend in his own mind.”

    1. avatar McCaveman says:

      He screams used car dealer to me…

      1. avatar Austin says:

        Haha, that made a lot of sense when I read it.

  3. avatar Danny McBee says:

    I bet every one of those cars will go from zero to douche in under 10 seconds……..

    1. avatar SlickNick says:

      LOL…thats funny shit

  4. avatar Raph84 says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who dislikes this guy. I started watching his vids because cutlerylover over on youtube was friendly with him…which I just do not understand. Cutlerylover is super responsible, safe and down to earth.

    This guy on the other appears to be a giant heavy duty tool bag

  5. avatar GS650G says:

    So is the purpose of this video to brag about how much he bought AND show how clumsy he is with guns? So he wastes money on cars and guns. Is he expecting a war some day?

  6. avatar Greg in Allston says:

    That was three minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Where do you find these guys?

  7. avatar Corey says:

    THANK YOU. I saw this video a few weeks ago and instantly hated him. Rich douche bag that moved from new York to what looks like south Florida (where I grew up) and is irresponsible. “Look, I have more money than you and I want to make you feel like a poor loser by rubbing it in your face”. I’d like to do something else to his face…like putting my boot in it. And why does he need so many cars? I would watch a video where he finally put a round through his hand :P. -in new York accent- look at my new gun and his awesome it is…don’t worry, even though I haven’t done a safety check, it’s not *bang*. Bye bye sausage finger

  8. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    I think we should give this moron two awards. The first should be for IGO of the year, because even FPS russia has better gun handling skills than this fool. The second award should be for douche bag of the year, and I don’t need to waste any more time explaining why. I would have had more fun jumping in a cess pool than wasting my time watching this idiots video.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    I was going to watch that video, but then I remembered that I needed to rearrange my gunsmithing picks, my sock drawer and my oregami collection.

  10. avatar ian says:

    All this class warfare talk is unsettling. This job creator can do what he wants with his property. If he was doing anything wrong the free market would stop it.

    1. avatar SlickNick says:

      I agree the class warfare is shitty. I’m fairly certain that everyone here would like to own everyone of those guns. First time I touched boobs, I wanted to touch them all…same goes for owning guns.

      1. avatar Hydro Mike says:

        Right on SlickNick, the truth always rings clear! I agree about boobs and guns, further investigation is definitely needed. By the way guys, there’s nothing wrong with having things/money don’t hate ppl for achieving greater wealth than you, his money likely represents the success of many investments etc made for other ppl…free market, more successes=more dollars whether 1M or 1Billion, dollars don’t fall from the sky…

        1. avatar Jame T Kirk says:

          All you guys that are riding this guys nuts need to realize we don’t hate him because hes rich… we hate him because he’s a unsafe dipshit yanky twat.

  11. avatar Bo says:

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own video cameras. This fellow is one of them! PS – I’ll bet Rich is in real estate or is a mortgage broker. Just guessing from his smarmy attitude.

    1. avatar Gun Show Joe says:

      This clown actually runs an investment company in Ft. Lauderdale called Global Financial. He’s getting rich off the backs of others. Wonder if they know how unsafe he is and I’d he takes horrible risks with their money.

    2. avatar Hydro Mike says:

      The right to use video cameras is not a 2nd amendment issue…it is covered by the first though…dangerous plight that you have if you want to govern who can own/use a video camera for free speech…by the way, you have the right to disagree, but try harder to make sense maybe (keep trying Sir).

  12. avatar LC Judas says:

    So I clicked on the link and visited his YouTube channel. I have a pulsing behind my eyes that says it will become a headache and I’m unsure why. Maybe it’s because he didn’t list every Glock caliber in Glock talk, the only video I figured he couldn’t botch after claiming he had every caliber on the table (he missed two). Or maybe it’s because after watching his video I saw a distinct lack of…how you say…teaching involved. There is NO WAY anyone learned a damn thing from the video in question and the other 155 of them are very likely the same. If you can learn something from “Well I bought this and…” then maybe rich tools could share knowledge but unfortunately it takes more than that to actually send a meaningful message.

    Wait, his username! That’s what is trying to give me an anuerism! Just UGH!

    1. avatar Hydro Mike says:

      Lots of ppl have opinions, he doesn’t chain to be a Glock certified armorer or any type of expert. Advanced expert training is expensive, and not much exists on the internet. Usually you need to venture out of state etc for the best training available, and sometimes need to qualify for this training as a specific professional or industry rep/worker… Tom hasn’t claimed to be the foremost expert on Glocks or any other firearm that I am aware of. He comes across to me as an average gun owner knowledge wise that is happy to share info on the different features and types of guns that he owns…he puts some effort into the process by making a list of specific things like the weight and other options or available options/differences between firearms, and I enjoy the videos. Under more accurate context, you may find that you enjoy the videos, if not…feel free to do something else with your time…

  13. avatar Danny McBee says:

    I don’t think his douchyness has anything to do with his money. I’ve got great friends that make 10x what I make in a year =). His douchyness is more comparable to an over compensating man child.

  14. avatar doesn'tMatter says:

    Does it matter that he walks in front of his car with a loaded sig556 handgun? Not sure… I have a handgun in my car at times that people walk in front of all the time. I am sure you ,and everyone here knows that they don’t go off unless someone pulls the trigger.
    Beyond that, I do agree with his child like persona, and somewhat strange behavior. Goofing off with all kinds of handguns doesn’t sit well with me either.

  15. avatar Matt Kaufmann says:

    The end of this video was alright. He basically touted the bible and gave everybody blessings and prayers. Those were good sentiments even if you aren’t biblical.

    On the flipside, all I heard through the his demonstration of terrible gun safety was, “Me and then I because my gun and myself and me, me, me! And, honey would you move the camera over here to me and myself before I and my cars me, me, me!

  16. avatar Gun Show Joe says:

    This guy seems to be an arrogant moron. It does not seem like he knows to much about guns. A block head. : )

  17. avatar EL DIABLO says:

    Weapons Education is a calculated business man. Just watch his mannerisms, the way he talks, very calculated, just like a politician. His motives are to win people over with his large collection of stuff and impress those that are easily impressed by those things. He grows his Youtube channel to earn revenues and also promotes his new online store. Many of the more experienced firearms owners can easily tell this guy is a tool. He gets tons of negative feedback and if you search any of the online forums about him they are almost all negative about him. Only the inexperienced people just getting into firearms don’t know better and fall for his act. Bottom line this guy is in it for himself and to generate revenues. It’s a shame Pete at the Armory Channel partnered with him. Pete seems more like the real gun owners out there and should shake this tool. My guess is once Tom gets what he wants from Pete he’ll toss Pete to the curb, Tom is only interested in Tom.

  18. avatar John S. says:

    what a tool, unsafe gun handling, I think the guy does these videos to make himself feel big and important. I cant believe Pete at the Armory Channel. It would be funny if it came out that he wasn’t that rich and none of the guns were his. Oh, and his humor sucks, not funny at all.

  19. avatar JamesFromCali says:

    Pete from the Armory Channel is an idiot as well. His site is made for generating revenue and he gets free stuff all the time from his viewers. I wonder if he reports them on his tax return. Perhaps someone should call the IRS.

    He promotes the free gifts that he gets and he cleans people guns in a sonic cleaner but refuses to clean his Ed Brown with it.

    This guy is the biggest tool and they are a bunch of fatties. They make fun of their own weight because it’s funny. It’s funny, therefore, they can eat as much as they want.

    Just another slurring idiot fat dude with a gun. Learn some self defense and get off the couch.

  20. avatar Joel says:

    Yeah it seems like he’s always sitting there talking about annoying crap… And he goes to the range like every 100 videos… I’m going to watch summore hickok! 🙂

  21. avatar Frank says:

    I attended one of Tom Gucciardi’s (weaponseducations) estate planning seminars recently for my elderly mother. After Googling his company’s name Global Financial in Florida and finding these posts I took the time to watch some of his videos. Thank God for the internet! I have decided Tom is an impulsive, narcissistic fool without much common sense at all. There is no way that I would allow this man to manage my mother’s lifetime of earnings! Thank you to who ever runs this website! Frank.

    1. avatar 3rd Precinct says:

      Forgive the pun Frank. But I believe you dodged a bullet. Staying away from this moron is the smartest thing you can do.

  22. avatar carrymagnum says:

    What a class act. I scanned through the whole thing seeing all his nice things and he finishes it up by saying he knows it’s a bad time financially for the country? Really you pompous douche. Why don’t you sell that jersey shore watch, necklace or bracelet and donate the proceeds. That’s my favorite type of Christian right there. Maybe more people would go to church if it wasn’t for douches like this guy.

    1. avatar Hydro Mike says:

      Why…in “THE NAME OF G O D !!!” is it always thought that if you have money you need to give it all to people who have none. Broke ppl aren’t all lazy jerks that’s for sure…all people on welfare or social security aren’t all lazy useless people, but let’s be realistic…there are a lot who could produce something and unemployed who could find work…I find it interesting that Ted Nugent stated that there aren’t any lazy people in his family, “we aren’t too good to clean toilets” he said…he has a lot of money but isn’t scared of what some might think he would feel is beneath him…it is impossible to know what someone else thinks inside their mind, but assuming the worst most of the time isn’t prudent… A lot of wealthy (monetary wealth I am referring to obviously since that’s what you were talking about) give lots of cash to deserving charities and people. It’s not up to anyone else to decide how much that should be, or what type of car or house anybody should buy or own especially if ppl think that giving away half of your fortune allows that you MAY spend the other half as you wish…as long as the person deciding receives the other half in this case I assume…if you feel inadequate by seeing the wealth that others have created for themselves, your efforts might better be served chasing after your own successes if that makes you happy…

  23. avatar Steven says:

    Glad I saw this today. I just seen one video from this guy recently. Subbed him too. Then I read this post. I had my suspicions… and now I know. No more sub. This crowd here is always more sensible. Glad to know you guys.

  24. avatar Evan says:

    Wow did anyone download the kid video for viewers that missed it?

    1. avatar Chris says:

      I’ve watched his vids for about 6 months and there really isn’t any real education going on…more of a show and tell…

    2. avatar Chris says:

      I’ve watched his vids for about 6 months and there really isn’t any real education going on…more of a show and tell.

  25. avatar Erik says:

    I saw this video and couldn’t believe how many unsafe moves this guy made in a matter of a few minutes! And he has the audacity to call his channel “Weapons Education”! It’s guys like this who give gun enthusiasts a bad reputation. Thanks for bringing this to light!

  26. avatar Rob says:

    This guy also did an AK47 special, featuring someone who was claiming to have been shot by an AK47 while in Iraq, almost no shoulder damage and used his Cold Steel knife to slit the insurgents neck… then gets an endorsement for free knives from Cold Steel. You know where this story leads… I’m pretty sure they’re in bed together to get free stuff. Just search for the AK47 in his videos…

    This guy is a hack and so is Pete from TheArmoryChannel.

  27. avatar Justin says:

    He’s singlehandedly one of the most pompous, arrogant, sacks-o’-shit on YouTube, and well, you’ve gotta love the dripping condescension in his channel’s name, “Weapons “Education””. Really, douchebag? Are you going to deign to “educate” people on how to speak like a two-bit car salesman, who’s clearly compensating for his small dick? I mean, for such an ugly man, it seems that he managed to find himself a decent looking wife. And unlike his Mercedes, I’m sure he’ll be paying for the privilege of her company long after they part ways. I grew up in a well-to-do family, so rest assured, my loathing of this man has nothing to do with class envy. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand class warfare, but this blue ribbon douchbag deserves to be called out for being one of the most pathetic braggarts to have ever filmed their douchebaggery for public consumption. I honest and truly hope you read this, Tom. You’re in dire need of a wake up call.

  28. avatar David says:

    Weaponsretardation is one of the weakest, biggest rich boy weekend warrior “self proclaimed” famous Gun Guru on the Internet, followed by NutnFancy. I boybott both of their channels. The fat spray tan guy from Weaponsretardation has that “I spent 5 grand on a 1911 so I must be a good shot with it attitude” and his ego is so big he got all crybaby butthurt when Ed Brown wouldn’t do an interview with him, since hes so rich and such a big Youtube star, he felt he was entitled. He was rude to Ed brown, who I dislike anyways..but come on, and Gunny R. Lee Ermey. He is one of the biggest Hack gun channels on youtube, hes that guy who flatbeds his roadking into sturgis, then rides through town on it like he just trekked the country on the roadking. I cannot stand him. I was a big fan of Pete from the Armory channel when he first started, but after his partnering with the weekend warrior, I unsubbed. Someone let Weekendwarrioreducation know that having a 5 grand 1911 won’t make his terrible shooting get better, and that it doesn’t, along with money, don’t add inches to his small dick. Thanks

    1. avatar Hydro Mike says:

      Did he really proclaim himself to bea famous Gun Guru? I missed that video…

  29. avatar Vince says:

    You guys should catch his vid on..My Life Part 2… Unreal, the guy gets out all his expensive pens, cuff links, watches, even his wife’s wedding show off what he has. Get a grip. Hey, I’ve had my experience with some quite wealthy people, some in my own family, ..let me tell ya. Those who talk about what they own, don’t have it, those who keep it to themselves, they’re the ones that do! Truthfully, I think this guy was/is still lacking self confidence..anyone who brags like him is insecure and yearns for approval. I should also add, he deletes all comments that don’t pay him a compliment, like mine, for one.

    1. avatar Hydro Mike says:

      You state, “Those who talk about what they own, don’t have it, those who keep it to themselves, they’re the ones that do! “…is it some kind of crazy camera trick that he made those items appear on camera…I think he probably DOES have those items…Ididn’t notice the bragging part though, that video could read more as a list of items than bragging…if he was showing a collection of very expensive bibles that date back thousands of years I guess you could accept that, but since that particular video was about jewelry and other personal items it is a real problem for you and he must be a jerk…Well, I don’t think that he wants to stand in your way of success…feel free to surpass him, and by all means create some jobs and give lots to charities on your way. Best of luck to you and much continued success!

  30. avatar Evan says:

    Yes I got blocked by him for suggesting he quit waving his guns around on camera. He’s going to kill his wife yet. Also I noticed he has Hickok45 listed on his channel as a Inner Circle “Buddy”. I could not believe Hickok45 would knowingly be associated with him, so I asked Hickok. He wrote me back and said he is not a part of anybody’s “Inner Circle” and does not even subscribe to Weaponsuneducated’s channel. Not only is he a Jerk but he is also a Liar trying to connect with one of the Good Guys on You Tube gun channels. If you read this Tom, take Hickok45 off your phoney list and at least be honest about who you know and don’t know.

  31. avatar Vince says:

    Forgot to mention.. This Tom carries on as though he a big shot rolling in the $$$$. I’ve bede around enough wealthy people, and I do mean wealthy, to be able to smell a fish here. For one..anyone who has seen his vid where he says he’s going to show you the inside of hie home. Notice first of all, that he drives down the street of wealthy people obviously. He mentions that the builder of his own home lives on the street he is driving on. Now, he doesn’t show the outside of his home, but has the camera person taking the video as Tom opens the from door of his “home”. Here is well it tells something…you do not even see his front porch, but only the door as he opens it to greet the camera person (wife, maybe) whose standing outside filming. As the camera moves in, he calls his entrance the “Foyer” , well, let me say, it is one of the most narrowest foyer’s I have seen that would be in an exclusive and wealthy neighborhood. I know, I have had friends who lived in West Palm and they lived a few doors don from the Getty’s, Kennedy’s and the founder of Estée Lauder perfumes etc. The so-called living room where he sits is small, and he only shows the cupboards of his kitchen. When he sits down in his kitchen, I notice the background is a shut window blind…Nothing to what the wealthy would have in their homes as a window treatment. Now this may sound as though I’m just looking for things,..but trust me. I’m not. It’s just there, and he anyone who drives down a wealthy street to show off homes, …then he doesn’t have what they have! I’ve seen this before. The guy also is no real businessman. He’s a player, a bullsh$tter. His so-called office where he works is nothing! It doesn’t have anything truly of value in it. Even down to the frames of his family photos. Bottom Line…he doesn’t have what he tries to portray, believe me. If he did, he wouldn’t be trying to show off. Rich people don’t need to talk about their assets. Could be wrong, but I know someone almost just like him, personality and all. And this guy is a BS’r as well, And didn’t get the attention from his father as he really needed or would have liked. Therefore, he needs people’s approval all the time, and at the same time he wants to be the star of the show, the attention getter.

  32. avatar James Mucciola says:

    This guy’s great. You’re just a jealous little dickhead with no money and no education.

    1. avatar Evelyn says:

      No, no jealousy. Allow him to speak his mind Curly. The guy just doesn’t do a good job representing his so called hobby. He is dangerous with his guns and the following he has are just people that are young and new to guns. Don’t be fooled by this fool you fool!

  33. avatar Kevin says:

    I’m a bit surprised by this video. I’ve seen a number of his other videos on YouTube and while a lot of them are rather lame, a few of them were quite good. He usually has a decent point to his videos but wow, this one is BAD.

    I just can’t get past the way he talks and waves guns around. His handling of firearms is scary. Everything he does screams “DUCK and TAKE COVER!”

  34. avatar John J Dalesandro says:

    This guy’s got a vid from a year ago entitled, “.38 SPL Deadly Weapon”. I watched it a few days ago. He displays 2 .38 snubs…a Colt Agent & a S&W with a shrouded hammer, which he describes as an “internal” hammer. Anyway, he pulls the Agent’s hammer to full-cock & used the term “striker” to mean firing pin in his talk about the gun. I replied to his comment, admonishing him on his incorrect nomenclature, saying in all my years around the shooting sports & guns I had NEVER heard anyone use “striker” to mean “firing pin” & asked him to use correct terms in future. You know what he did? Instead of replying directly to my comment….HE DELETED IT!!! Thin-skinned, ya THINK???

    1. avatar Kevin says:

      I have seen countless videos of his and they are amusing… not educational, but amusing. I do like when he takes you around his house though… it’s huge! It’s too bad that he can’t take your constructive criticism and improve.

      This is another perfect example of someone with more money than brains, and I honestly believe that he means well.

      I’m not defending him, his misinformation is horrible and some of his safety techniques make me cringe (if I was the cameraman, I’d be wearing a bullet proof jacket…. and filming from a different room.. in a different house).

      The only video I’ve seen of his that I actually like is the one where he discusses conceal carry mistakes. He says “you are a whole different person when you walk out that door” with a firearm. He also added “there is no such thing as road-rage, there is no such thing as getting into an argument with anybody for that matter… there is no such thing as getting upset.”

      1. avatar John J Dalesandro says:

        I assume you mean, Kevin, that in his opinion, a person who’s carrying doesn’t have those options. Make’s sense to me. JD

  35. avatar Armoey Pete says:

    I boned his wife good one weekend while he was at the SHOT Show.

    1. avatar Rex Jones says:

      So did I !

  36. avatar T Bone says:

    The guy just likes guns. Who cares if he has money? I wish I had money. If you don’t like him, don’t watch him. You look even more pathetic actually discussing how much you don’t like him on some forum. Nobody’s talking about you, are they?

  37. avatar Jungle Jim Miller (@JungleJimMiller) says:

    He just killed some guy on a scooter a few days ago. Google “Thomas Gucciardi” and “Motiv scooter” to view the article. If you want to see some nice air-brushed bikini pics of his wife, Google “Tammy Gucciardi”.

  38. avatar T Bone says:

    The guy’s an obnoxious moron for sure.

  39. avatar The Truth says:

    Completely agree that this tool is an “insufferable douchebag”. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m sure he abuses his wife, and likely his daughters, because he’s that kind of controlling douchebag.

  40. avatar Guido Sarducci says:

    Google “Tom Gucciardi scooter” and read about how Tom killed some poor guy on a scooter with his BMW.
    Pathetic piece of shit.

  41. avatar Just Sayin says:

    You might want to dig a little deeper before making the assumption that the scooter operator was killed due to Tom’s negligence. The little I could find about the incident stated that the “Scooter” was a Motiv, which is essentially a bicycle with an electric drive. The collision happened at 8:30 PM in the southbound lanes of the Florida Turnpike.

    Top speed listed for the Motiv bikes I found online was about 20mph. Traffic would have been closing in on that rider at about 40-50 mph. That’s a pretty fast closure rate.

    What kind of lighting did the bicycle have? Maybe the bike was equipped with some kind of lighting, but it certainly wouldn’t have been as bright as what you would expect to see on the turnpike. How many people on bicycles do you expect to encounter on a four-lane divided highway (tollroad) at night? I think anyone of us could have collided with that rider.

    It should also be noted that the news articles I found also stated that no charges were filed.

    I don’t know Tom, but I don’t think this accident happened because of any character flaws you feel he has.

    1. avatar Cash says:

      You should probably watch Tom’s videos before blindly going to his defense. The guy has a 45 minute rant about his lawyers and about how to “get away with murder” in a “self defense” scenario (his exact wording), which happened to be posted after he killed the guy. He must have some kind of Zimmerman complex – it’s as if he WANTS to confront someone so he can fire his gun and have something to brag about on YouTube. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s an opportunistic murderer.

  42. avatar Mick Flanagan says:

    Brilliant!!!!!!… Anyone else notice his “safety check” process @ 5:17 ??!?! The “Weapons Educator” pulls the trigger and drops the hammer just before checking for an empty chamber!!! I wouldn’t suggest living downstairs from this embicile! This is an example of someone who shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm….. AND HE FANCIES HIMSELF AN EDUCATOR OF WEAPONS!!! Hahahahaha I left a comment on this video which was removed… I have a copy of this uncut vid incase this dummy tries to cover his tracks… he is a danger to our community

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