SHOT 2012: “Ultra Gun Lounge” To Open in Las Vegas

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According to the Daily Mail there’s a new lounge opening in Las Vegas on December 15, just in time for the holidays. Being part of the team selected to cover…

Ask Foghorn: Best Gun for a First Time Firearms Owner?

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A Reader Writes: I’m 25 years old, and until last weekend had never fired a gun. One of my friends brought me out to the range and let me shoot…

The Gun Snuggler – A Blanket for your Gun

I still can’t decide whether it’s real or fake, but the commercial is hilarious.

[The Gun Snuggler via Reddit]

I still can’t decide whether it’s real or fake, but the commercial is hilarious. [The Gun Snuggler via Reddit]

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TTAG Project: 1,000 Yard Rifle for $500 Update

I’ve had a couple people ask me where the 1,000 yard rifle for $500 project went. Truth be told, it’s been done for months. The only problem is that the…

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Question of the Day: Does Anyone Actually Use the Gadgets on the Site?

We’re getting ready to add some more advertisers to the site by cleaning up some of the clutter and getting everything nice and organized. I know, ads suck, but they…

National CCW Reciprocity Bill Passes House Committee

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H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011, has officially passed one of its first hurdles by making it out of the House Judiciary Committee unscathed. The legislation now moves…

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VCDL Plans Pro-Gun Rally on Virginia Tech Campus, November 17th

Virginia Tech was the site of one of the bloodiest school shootings in the history of the United States. On that day a single gunman killed 33 people and injured…

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Ask Foghorn: Optics for Handguns

TTACer asks: I am trying to get some optics to use for a variety of heaters. I like the idea of quick detach mounts so I can spend more on…

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Gun Review: Franklin Armory (NFA Defying) XO-26b

A few weeks ago I ran a story about Franklin Armory’s new contraption. Thanks to some legal footwork this thing isn’t technically a rifle, isn’t technically a pistol, and isn’t…

Ask Foghorn: Best AK-47 for First Time Commie Milsurp Owners?

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Reader Texan asks: In line with your previous article (Best AR-15 for First Time Black Rifle Owners), what is a good AK-47 for the first time AK-er? The AK-47 system…

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FBI: More Cops Killed in 2010, 98% By Firearms

Earlier this morning the FBI released their 2010 report on police officers who were attacked or killed “in the line of duty.” According to their statistics, 56 officers were killed…

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Wisconsin Publishes CCW Reciprocity – 25 States

Wisconsin, the latest arrival to the concealed carry party, published the list of states whose concealed carry permits they will recognize in their state recently. Residents from the listed states will be…