Have you every cut yourself carving a pumpkin? It’s not hard to do. Sharp knife. Thick, squash-like flesh. Kid hanging on your arm trying to see what you’re doing. But like Ford, hickock45 has a better idea. Get out into the fresh air and combine jack-o-lantern birthing with a shooting lesson. Maybe you won’t want junior working on the front porch version. Probably best to get the tyke a gourd of his or her own to practice on while you do the detail work. So don’t risk a digit this year. Take the safer approach and sculpt that spooky face with a magazine full of  7.62 x 39.

[h/t Tyler Kee]

11 Responses to Who Says AKs Aren’t Accurate?

  1. before you try this at home, remove the back of the gourd and the contents. otherwise you will end up with not with a jack-o-lantern but with pie filling. just a PSA for people with witchy trigger fingers.

  2. i don’t think hickok45 was doing this video to test accuracy at all. He has way more than one video of pumpkin destruction. This is a guy who shoots G27’s and other small ass pistols at amazing distances, regularly. I knew this post would bring out the AR myopia though.

    • True. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen him accurately hitting targets a good 150 yards away with a pistol on more than one occasion.

  3. Most of the time it is a software problem, not a hardware problem.

    If you are feeling adventurous, add some tannerite.

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