Could This Thingy Really Save Your Life?

Ready for the latest in must-have safety equipment? DSM (Don’t Shoot Me) Safety Products has introduced a tactical pageant sash system designed to be carried and worn by off-duty cops in active shooter situations. The goal is admirable. Eliminate “blue on blue” shootings in high-stress, chaotic situations when IDing the guy in front of you […]

News Alert: New Mexico Man Committed No Crime

If someone doesn’t commit a crime, is it news? Can things really be that violent in New Mexico? Anyway it apparently qualifies as news if you have a pellet gun in your backpack. In Las Cruces. And – OMG OMG OMG – near a school. As the reports, though, it’s still not against the law. “The […]

What If They Held A Gun Buy-Back And Nobody Came?

How do you judge the “success” of a gun buy-back? Well in Portland, Oregon, for instance, CeaceFire Oregon (Building safe and healthy communities free from gun violence in Oregon) has held buybacks for five years now. Except this year they only collected 43 guns, down from 152 last year. How to account for the decline? “Mary […]

Open Carry Shuts Down Occupy Atlanta When Nothing Else Could

We’ve all seen the sympathetic saturation media coverage of the Occupy “movement” these last few weeks. What started as ten or twenty slackers protesting Wall Street, capitalism and people they non-specifically identify at “the 1%” has slowly grown and spread to various cities across the country and overseas. While it’s a movement largely without specific […]

Crockett Keller: No Liberals, Muslims In My CCW Class

Crockett Keller teaches CCW classes in the back of his Riverside Store in Mason, Texas. He won’t teach just anyone, though. Obama supporters and Muslims need not apply and the YouTube version of his radio ad for the class is quickly going viral. While his admission policies may violate Texas Department of Public Safety regulations, […]

Who Says AKs Aren’t Accurate?

  Have you every cut yourself carving a pumpkin? It’s not hard to do. Sharp knife. Thick, squash-like flesh. Kid hanging on your arm trying to see what you’re doing. But like Ford, hickock45 has a better idea. Get out into the fresh air and combine jack-o-lantern birthing with a shooting lesson. Maybe you won’t want […]

Hold Onto Your Hat: It Was Me…Not The Glock

In an earlier missive, I threw my shooting quandary open to the tender mercies of the Armed Intelligentsia. I was as accurate as ever with my Kahr but pushing rounds shot with a Glock 19 Gen 4 I’d rented noticeably to the left. I figured the problem was the carpenter rather than the tool, but […]