TTAG Incendiary Bumper Sticker of the Day, Lead Edition

Good advice for troubled times.


About Brad Kozak

Brad Kozak is an iconoclastic, curmudgeonly graphic designer/marketer/writer/musician/advertiser/conservative creative guy. In 2007, he completed a gradual transition from a conservative semi-pacifist to a proactive, armed citizen, willing to exercise his Second Amendment rights to protect his family and property. His idea of “gun control” is hitting where he aims.

10 Responses to TTAG Incendiary Bumper Sticker of the Day, Lead Edition

  1. avatarSam Wright says:

    Lone Ranger need not apply.

  2. And where can I get one of these?

  3. avatarNew2This says:

    Don’t forget copper and brass.

  4. avatarAaron says:

    The Mexico would read, “Plomo o Plata”

  5. avatarBLAMMO says:

    I’m already on the lead standard. Have been for years. All in denominations for optimum liquidity … .223, .308, .22, 9mm, .45, et al.

  6. avatarSlab Rankle says:

    Speaking of incendiary bumper stickers, you know those small green ones that say “Choose Civility” but actually translate to “Republicans STFU”? Well, I saw one at a gun show today that said “Choose Hostility”. I thought that was clever. If I was the type to deface my automobile just to spew my opinions on everyone alse I might get that one.

  7. avatarAaron says:

    A favorite bumper sticker of mine was “Kerry lost, lost the sticker”

    You might like this pic I snapped in Nevada:

  8. avatarBrad Kozak says:

    Sorry. I meant to include the link, but with all the worrying about the comments glitch, I overlooked it. You can find the bumper stickers here.

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