Gear Review: Timney AR 15 Trigger Take Two

Nick’s review of Timney Trigger left me in a Show Me state of mind. When it comes to product reviews, Mr. Leghorn is not often a five-star general. So I sent off for my very own Timney to see if their go pedal was all that it was cracked up to be. First things first. You can install this trigger. Yes you. The manufacturer’s instructions are extremely clear about what needs doing and in what order. That said, if you have never removed your handgrip, be very, very careful. There are some delicate springs and whatnot that control your safety selector. They can disappear quick, fast, and in a hurry. Two things will make your trigger replacement go easier . . .

The first is a pick set. Amazon has the necessary equipment—the Sheffield Tools 5780 Hook and Pick Set—for under $10. The second is some light grease. There are some very tiny setscrews that go in place over the main tension screws. You need to move a spring to get to them with your very tiny allen wrench. The hook tool will help you move the spring without scratching your receiver or unleashing a sailor-level stream of profanity.

Dab a bit of grease on the end of your allen wrench when placing and tightening the set screws. This will capture them until the threads start. Losing a small piece of metal in your receiver is bad news bears. The entire install took 20 minutes at my kitchen table.

At the range, I had a very similar experience to that of Mr. Leghorn. The original trigger was such a pile of trash in comparison; I consider all rounds fired before this to be completely wasted.

The Timney is crisper than a freshly picked head of Iceberg lettuce, with only the slightest (and I mean slightest) bit of creep. The break arrives cleanly at between 3-4 lbs. Nick was also right about the shape of the trigger. It really does seem to make a difference.

Prior to the install, using Black Hills 55 gr. Softpoint ammo, I was able to produce the following group with my ArmaLite AR15.

Tonight’s range trip delighted me with the following.

For reference, those gridlines are at .25” intervals. I was absolutely giddy on the drive home. I’ve always wondered why I had a 20” barrel AR. It’s never been accurate enough to shoot past 150 or 200 yards. It’s too heavy to go try my hand at being tacticool. Now I think I really have a shooter. I’ve been debating a trip with a coworker to go take out some prarie dogs; I think the new set-up might be just the ticket.

So the truth about the truth about the value and quality of Timney Triggers’ trigger is that it’s the truth. I can’t wait to take my reborn rifle out hunting this fall. Report to follow.