U.S. Guns Sales Surge 15th Straight Month, Up 13.5%

The National Shooting Sports Federation (NSSF) is the firearms industry lobby group that keeps track of everything gun business related. As you can see from the chart above, August firearms sales were up relative to any year over the last ten years. More specifically, “The August 2011 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 815,858 is an increase of 13.5 percent over the NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 718,971 in August 2010.” Make the jump to see the 2008 “Obama surge” that set the pace for 2011. If Americans re-elect The One in 2012, it’ll be chocks away for the U.S. gun and ammo biz. Again.


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20 Responses to U.S. Guns Sales Surge 15th Straight Month, Up 13.520

  1. avatarGS650G says:

    I made purchases the day after he secured the nomination.

    • avatarMike says:

      Really, wow you are paranoid. Name me one piece of legislation that has been attempted or enacted to prohibit your gun “rights”?

      Also this is 15 months of gains, he has been president much longer. Why all the anti-Obama stuff? Go to redstate.com or teaparty.com

      • avatarJD says:

        I did the same, so let’s call you functionally insane. We’ve been fighting Holder since he set foot in the WH, an AWB attempt, + the UN treaty and their DNC minions, like the LI train widow Rep. and elijah cummings, “gun control under the radar”, a Korean war gun ban, .mil brass destruction, and sev. others. Now, they both announce new lame duck gun control plans and some psychopath in nevada lets loose. Followed by an awol navy medic today. All coming outta the woodwork..

        • avatarMike says:

          Again – has your gun been taken from you? No. Has any attempt been made to take it from you? No. So your issue is?

        • avatarJohn says:

          Well… President Obama is calling for a ban of tactical rifles. So I’d say, yes, he’s attempting to take my gun away from me.

  2. avatarKirk says:

    The irony, the one business Obama actually managed to stimulate and without a dime of our tax dollars.

    • avatarSean says:


      • avatarDavid Stevens says:

        It would be nice if someone would point out in the last 50 years or so, how many times the 2nd has been invoked as it was written. Never mind, I’ll tell you… never! So how many thousands of Americas have died by the gun in this country for reasons other than the 2nd? Why… all of them. Your ‘right of a free people’ has killed thousands, and not one in defense of this country. It was never intended to promote arming the American citizen against his neighbor, and yet, that is all is has done.

  3. avatarRalph says:

    Another perfect illustration of The Law of Unintended Consequences. Democrats everywhere are opening their veins.

  4. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    The gun grabbers wanted Obama because he was going to help them end private gun ownership, and their plan backfired because he helped gun sales skyrocket. The gun grabbing COMMIES lost again.

  5. avatarsrmc says:

    It is probably the only area where the Dems have actually “saved or created” jobs.

  6. avatarEsteve says:

    Actual number of guns sold could be much higher as more than one gun can be sold to the same person with only one call. The real irony is that a large percentage of sales are hand guns and “assault” rifles. The very guns that make anti-gunners heads explode.

  7. avatarKirk says:

    What’s that line from the movie “Airplane” “Sometime irony can be pretty ironic”

  8. avatarStu Strickler says:

    At least he is good for something! American citizens will never be disarmed. This I shall defend!

  9. avatarTHEANTIOBAMA says:

    Change we can believe in indeed

    • avatarMike says:

      Change like tax cuts (stimulus package was 50% tax cuts), healthcare reform to make us more like every other rich, industrialised country, taking out Bin Laden and Ghaddafi. Yeah not bad work.

      • avatarJD says:

        bwahaha, tax cuts, are you insane? He made up for any and every imagined ‘cut’ with new taxes or extensions thereof. He cut the military to include SEALS the next f***ing day after getting Bin Laden. We were so drawn down, gaddaffi was a major strain/effort, pushing the envelope which NATO couldn’t handle w/o us.

        OK, he sold more guns than clintoon or bush2…the misguided delusional one’s only success of his own accidental creation.
        Notice he wants another suicidal stimulus? Misguided. Delusional.

        • Calm down. Imagined cut – lets see making work pay tax credit was $800 per working person for the first two years. We currently have a 2% SS tax cut. AMT has been rolled over again. These are verifiable tax cuts and if you don`t accept them then you are insane to use your non-hyperbolic language! Can you name me some new taxes please at the federal level. Tax revenue as a % of GDP is around 14% as opposed to an average (post war) of 18%.

          Libya was a strain since we also have Afghanistan and Iraq. Anyway don`t you want our allies to help out? Or do you want to spend even more on the military to cover every possibility.

      • avatarTom says:

        Despite the claims of the results (of an unconstitutional intervention) in Pakistan; according to Fox News and the CIA Usama (aka Osama Bin Laden and Tim Osman) died in December of 2001. Also, our participation in the attacks on the sovereign nation of Libya are completely unconstitutional. And just because Obama violated our constitution by chairing the UN Security Council in 2009. And because Obama sent Janet Napolitano to Mexico to sign a treaty allowing the Mexican military to help control the citizens of the USA in the event of a catastrophic event (or Marshall Law), which was also a breach of the US Constitution; why should I think my second amendment rights might be in jeopardy? Damn, that’s a good question, I’ll really have to think about it!!!

        BTW, if you want to take my guns away, bring lots of body bags. My neighbors and I are not going to hand over our guns to anyone. But then we’re not going to hand over our homes to the Agenda 21 folks either.

        Obama and Bush, different sides of the same Globalist coin!

  10. avatarPete says:

    Around 125 MILLION FBI background checks completed on gun sales between 1998 and 2010. And the violent crime rate in America has gone down every year for the last 5 or 6 of those years. More guns, less crime.

    While England’s violent crime rate has gone UP by 90% since they banned private ownership of most guns. How come we never hear the anti-guns wackos say “If we banned guns like England did, we could have the same crime rate they do?” This used to be their favorite mantra.


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