Self-Defense Tip: Home Carry. And STFU.

According to, seventy-seven-year-old Ruth Salzman is a Czech-born Holocaust survivor. And now, a victim of a home invasion: “Two young men with bandanas over their faces and a hatchet in one hand [said], ‘We came to get your money!’ I thought it was a joke, it was surreal. Every time I said something, they maced me some more, about four times.” The men ordered her to lay face down on her bed, and then stole three handguns, jewelry and $100. How would this have turned out if the septuagenarian had followed TTAG’s advice to home carry? And although our sympathies are with the victim, this is exactly the kind of thing you never EVER want to say. To anyone. Ever. “Next time, they come in, I’ll kill them. I’m not opposed to shooting them. They come back, I’ll kill them.” [h/t to Daverino62]