Ruger Introduces New SP101 .22LR Revolver

Ruger’s rock and rolling with this new addition to their nail driving (as in actually driving nails) SP101: the .22LR revolver. I’m not quite sure why the new Ruger msrp’s at $675 when the SP101 in all the other calibers clock-in at $629. My money’s on the fancy schmancy engraved and checkered walnut grips and the non-SP101 standard sights. Or not, as I’m extremely happy with my Gemini Customs modified SP101 in .38/.357. Still, that wasn’t cheap. And for those who want to shoot less expensive .22LR ammo, or prefer a revolver without so much recoil (this should kick like a slightly peeved gnat), the new 30-ounce wheelgun should git ‘er done. Oh, and you get eight bites at the cherry.