MSNBC: 3 Reasons Why The Firearms Industry’s Going Great Guns

“Dealers and analysts have several theories [as to why gun sales have been soaring since President Obama took office]. One is that hardcore gun enthusiasts fear the lousy economy will set off a crime wave. Another is that political upheaval over the federal debt may lead to riots like those in Greece and London. Still another popular, if paranoid, belief that’s taken hold among gun-rights advocates: that Obama is waiting until he is reelected to separate Americans from their firearms, prompting worried gun owners to stock up in anticipation.” And here’s one msnbc missed: Americans are taking advantage of liberalized concealed carry laws to buy smaller handguns (which have passed long guns in popularity) to protect themselves from violent crime. Who’d a thunk it? [Click here for “U.S. Gun Sales Surge 15th Straight Month, Up 13.5%”]