Is Top Shot’s Jake Zweig Really an Ex-Navy SEAL?

According to Top Shot‘s pseudo-wikipedia “Mr. Zweig graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1995 as a commissioned officer. He served as a surface warfare officer for two years onboard the U.S.S. Merrimack before reporting for Navy SEAL training at Basic Underwater Demolition School. SEAL training is the most grueling and demanding physical and mental regimen in the world and Mr. Zweig not only personally excelled at the challenge, but mentored the other trainees through the program and was named the SEAL class leader. Following his SEAL training, Mr. Zweig reported to SEAL Team 8 in Little Creek, VA and attained the rank of Lieutenant.”  Cruising the net, we find that Mr. Zweig’s time in the SEALs had its “issues” . . .

Specifically, Zweig claimed he was the victim of racism. Here an excerpt from that was picked-up by the AP:

“It was like being the only black in a Harley Davidson gang, as out of place as you can be,” said retired Lt. Jake Zweig of his short, tumultuous stay in the SEALs. “It was horrendous.” . . .

“I knew you take a lot of extra punishment, but that was just normal for SEALs, I thought,” he said.

But soon there were nudges of harassment, some subtle, others less so, Zweig said. His portable radio mysteriously switched stations from hip-hop to country whenever he looked away. He endured “gangstah” gibes from instructors. An officer shouted “Stop thief!” at a black sailor jogging.

When he suggested more aggressive recruitment among minority sailors, Zweig said an officer retorted sharply: “What … do you want us to do, lower the standards, so more of y’all can make it in?”

Zweig filed a complaint.

A Navy investigator confirmed Zweig’s account of the meeting but concluded the remark was a misunderstanding and “not racial in nature.” The report expressed sympathy for the view that “any change in training is seen as an eroding of the standards.”

Here’s what else Zweig said about his time in the service to

I will say this, I am not a very good conformist, so to say I didn’t fit in well at the naval academy is an understatement, I tried to conform but I am just not a good conformist. I played football there and wrestled til my senior year.

I didn’t get a Seal billet out of the Naval academy because I had been in a little trouble there, nothing big, just conduct problems. They said once you get your qualification on a ship we will pick you up, so I went there and got qualified in six months. It normally takes 18-24 months but I was working 100-110 hour weeks and eventually I got my Surface Warfare Officer Pin, and got picked up on the first lateral transfer board to Seal teams. I spent another year on the ship and reported to Seal training in 1997.

TTAG Commentator M B Norton may not know about Zweig’s alleged racial harassment, but he can see the chip on the contestant’s shoulder. Like many if not most if not all Top Shot viewers, Norton’s not impressed with Zweig’s character.

Yes folks, evidently Jake really was a Navy Lieutenant (O-3, same rank as Captain in the Army or Marine Corps) when the SEALS finally had enough of him and ended his apparently rather tumultuous 3-year “career.” Gee, I wonder who caused the tumult!

Obviously he has the skills or they wouldn’t have let him in. But would anyone out there who has seen Top Shop this year want to follow a guy with that attitude into battle, or in a covert operation? Trust him with your life, to have your back? Of course not!

The Navy values team players, and bullies like Jake are obviously not capable of that. To pout and be offended to be sent to elimination? He deserved it!! And calling other people out for “running your mouth” when he was the ONE running his mouth.

Hey Jake, you should be ashamed of yourself; a Naval officer is (usually) a man of character, and especially a SEAL LT, should be the Leader in the house, not the problem child. Watching Top Shot this week gave me the only moment of my life that I have ever been embarrased to say I am retired from the Navy (a full 20 years, not a mere 3 years like Jake)–thanks to your immature behavior, combative negative attitude, and what you represent yourself to be.

You are not even close to the high caliber of the quality officers and sailors I worked with. Your own bio on LinkedIn also claims you went to the Navy Academy. Really? Then you should know better!!

Clearly none of the superb training and expensive education you were given was able to instill a sense of the deep Honor and true Integrity that is so integral to the US Naval officer corps, or any of the SEALs I had the privilege of meeting during my 20 years on Active Duty. Grow up Jake! And please, until you do, stop telling people you were in the Navy. You’re an embarrassment.

I hope you are eliminated from Top Shot immediately; you don’t deserve it no matter how well you can shoot. Character matters in all things.

And what does Zweig’s selection as a contestant say about the character of the show’s producers? Clearly, they knew the ex-SEAL didn’t play well with others. Clearly, they selected Zweig for that reason. And the ratings are good. So I guess Top Shot figured the inevitable damage to the U.S. Navy’s reputation was worth it. The things we do for money.


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  1. avatarPat C says:

    I suspected as much. This guy clearly has issues besides just being an idiot. It’s hard to believe he could be a Canoe U. grad, much less a SEAL officer. Any time I’ve run across a special-ops type, I’ve always been impressed by their quiet humility. Supposedly the SEALs screen candidates for that very quality.

    That’s because the real bad@sses don’t feel the need to go around proving it.

    • avatarMoonshine7102 says:

      +1. For every hundred posers and wannabe’s, there’s one silent, humble, and exceedingly dangerous dude who knows 17 ways to kill with a rolled-up newspaper.

    • avatarTim says:

      Dead on! – When I served in the Navy, people like him didn’t last long in any position. To think he was a SEAL… !

      Compare him to just about any other SEAL out there – plenty of “famous” ones to choose from, and you see why he did not “fit in”. It is not about YOU, it is about the TEAM. That is true not just about the SEALS, but all of the Spec Forces. “I am am not a conformist” goes against not only the SEALS, but the Navy and Military in general. Well – It probably tops $1 Million (more?) of taxpayer money down the drain on his education and training (Academy and SF).

      • avatarFrogman says:

        There appears to be several SEAL subject matter experts on this thread. How many of you are former SEALs? How many of you have operated in a platoon? How many of you have been on the BUD/s Candidate Selection Board? And last but not least…how many of you have ever met Jake Zweig or operated in a platoon with him?
        I have known Jake since 1997 when he was in BUD/s. I challenge anyone on here to find anyone who actually operated in a platoon with Jake who will say say anything negative about him. While his time in the Teams may have been controversial, I have since witnessed several fellow SEALs admit that the situation wasn’t anywhere as bad as the press made it sound.

        As far as this assessment of Jake Zweig the SEAL: You don’t have the pedigree to judge Jake.

        As far as Jake the Top Shot contestant: Congrats Jake! All the armchair quarterbacks are talking about how much they don’t want to talk about you! You win! (again…)

        • avatarTim says:

          Fair enough. You DO sound like a good teammate. The contrast is startling… I am no SME on SEALS, but I did serve in the Navy AND stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. So don’t challenge me! :-)

        • avatarPatrick says:

          I’ll ignore the condescending ‘pedigree’ remark – it says enough about you and I don’t think you even know what the word means. Even the worst people in the world had their supporters. Jake’s display shows his character for what its worth – bad sportsman, bad loser, bad teammate.
          Why we taxpayers had to pay for his education so that he could only server 3 years before leaving to teach kids how to play football is beyond me.

        • avatarsoulrage says:

          I call bs frogman. One I dont believe you are a current or former Seal. Two I dont believe you served with Jake. I think you are spouting false information to back up your buddy.

          Ive worked with some of the finest operators in the world from multipule countries in combat. Something that Jake has never seen or experienced. None of them have ever acted or carried themselves the way Jake does. They have integrity, honor, class and actual talent as operators. Jake obviously does not. I have the pedigree to judge Jake, and I do. He is scum. He is an embarrasment to the US military and on top of it all he has never seen combat. Im not impressed.

        • avatarJohn says:

          I agree!!

        • avatarChase Lazenby says:

          I dunno brother. I didn’t know this clown-shoe in BUD/S since I had graduated fiver years earlier. But I do know that any Team Guy that’s gonna trade on his Bird better have his act together because his jack-assery reflects on all of us. I worked with plenty of “diverse” dudes, but they were Operators first and “minorities” second, if at all. But this diversity-hire had the nuts to ride his Trident into prime time, show his ass, then start bitching about how “day’s all ray-sis”.
          This guy pretty much makes the point that the right guys are gonna find their way in and any soul-brotha outreach program is just gonna get us more cheese-dicks looking for an easy ride.
          I’m goin to Danny’s.

    • avatarmick says:

      As a Marine who not only has seved with seals , and have several friends who are seals ,and as a commisioned office that has commanded men in combat in a soc unit . I can tell you one thing for sure this man never served one day in combat. An as any ops person nows when you whine, or give -up you die.

      • i m a former green beret light and heavy weapons leader. i had finished 2 tours in vietnam with and only left vietnam because my gun sergeant in my attack helicopter unit recommended me for green beret training. i was the only black candidate out of over a hundred trainees. i kept my mouth shut until i was assigned to the 6th SFG, A team 62. almost half the senior people on the B team and headquarters were high ranking blacks (E-8 s E 9 s) , but there was only 5 at the most recent grads. i asked why. i was told that out of a hundred whites more than 60 would fail, but out of the 4 0r 5 blacks going through training group, either 1 would fail or none would fail. he said if half the canditates were 50 percent, in about 10 cycles, the green berets would look just like the NFL, or ABA, because he said, the cream rises to the top. he also told me the same goes for fighter pilot training. the american airforce would be full of black hotshot super pilots and every pilot in russian and other countrys would be scared shitless of going up against them.

      • avatarNoYouDid'nt says:

        You were a commissioned officer? With that piss-poor spelling? I’m calling BS! Poser!

    • avatarNeville M says:

      Jake Zweig is a former Navy Seal and officer people here may not like him because the way he talks or acts but he did graduate with the coveted trident something 99% of the people here will never able to earn.

  2. avatarBuddy says:

    I’ve watched Top Shot since it started season one, and each time I have found contestants that I either really liked or didn’t care for. I have never wanted to see someone kicked off the show as badly as I’d like to see Jake removed from the show. He has stated that it is all part of his plan, he doesn’t care about the other contetstants, he is in it to win it. Fair enough, but why be such an antagonistic @ss about everything? The man has not shown one ounce of character, integrity, or leadership. All he does is run his mouth, brag about being a former SEAL, and spout obscenities. Personally, I hope that the producers of Top Shot take behaviour like this into account for subsequent seasons and don’t allow contestants like Jake on future shows.

  3. avatarNemesis says:

    I consider myself a Spec Ops historian, if for no other reason than a hobby. I have read over 200 books on Special Operations, and more to the point, pretty much every book/bio released pertaining to Tier 1 units like the SEALS or Delta (CAG). The first 5 minutes of watching Jake I knew something was wrong there. He is everything the SEAL’s are not. He may be athletic, but thats where the Tier 1 attributes stop. From day one in SEAL training until the day they retire, the overarching goal is teamwork. From their BUD’s assigned “swim buddy” to the boat crew, individualism will get you hammered, and eventually drummed out if you cannot learn “There is no ‘I’ in SEAL Team.” What an absolute embarrassment to the TEAMS. He may have made it through BUD’s, but his first platoon he was assigned to would never have put up with any of the childish behaviour. I’ve met a handful of SEAL’s and the first thing you notice is a proud humility, always downplaying themselves in order to give more credit to their teammates. On Top Shot, Jake moving outside the house was the “tell” for me. Never would SEALs do something like that to destroy and team cohesion. He can’t get eliminated fast enough.

    • avatarsdog says:

      while i respect your interests, anecdotal evidence on “people” you have met says nothing. They only people who really know are the navy and Jake. “swift boating” of any military vet is entirely unacceptable unless they are openly lying about combat bravery or related activity while on duty. none of these thing i have seen Jake do on TS3. I am not trying to make excuses for jake here, but mike was a total punk this last episode, raised his voice then got scared when jake got in his face. Mike Hugese is a scared little girl dude.

      if you are so educated on spec ops then you know the difference between tier 1 and tier 2 assets within the SEAL structure, when has jake stated he was with DEVGRU? (not that you could really)

      • avatarJJ2 says:

        sdog: I believe Mike showed a greater sense of valor than Jake. He was so mad he nearly lost control but by not doing so he proved who the better man was. I’m sure there were plenty of people who would have busted his chops for the remarks he made plus pushing into Mikes personal space. Just because he controlled himself doesn’t make him a coward.

    • avatarNate says:

      If you’re such a SOF historian, you’d know the SEAL teams aren’t Tier 1/SMU/Compartmentalized Assets/whatever. JSOC’s top assets are the Army’s Combat Applications Group and Intelligence Support Activity, the Air Force’s 24th STS, and the Navy’s Special Warfare Development Group. You obviously have other units under the JSOC umbrella, but those are the ones listed as “Special Missions Units”, ie; Tier 1.

      I don’t believe DEVGRU fits into the overall SEAL command anymore than CAG fits into the Special Forces Groups.

      • avatarDoc says:

        Nate, you do know that every member of devgru came from the rest of the seal teams, right? They just drew from the best from the other teams and then gave them even more training.

        BTW, there are Marine Force Recon teams attached to JSOC now. At first, the Corps did not want to give up any of their MARSOC operators, but now, they are tier 1 too.

    • avatarJC says:

      You mentioned Jake’s first deployment. Interesting fact, because of his attitude and individualism, he was removed from his first platoon deployment. How do I know this? My brother was on his 3rd deployment and Jake was one of the officers. Jake was removed from the platoon on his first and only deployment with Team 8.

  4. avatarxpo172 says:

    Just fast forward through all the house BS and watch the shooting. Much better show that way.

    • avatarGossven says:

      This strategy also lets you fit an hour of television into about 10 minutes, so that you can get back to watching much better television, like Breaking Bad or Boardwalk Empire.

      • avatarDan Hee says:

        Idk dude, there’s a lot more shooting on TS than BWE… I like BWE, but there’s too much *blah* for me. There aren’t a lot of story archs and entire episodes crawl by without anything significant happening. Did you like Sopranos? Because I don’t think there’s any comparison.

        Jake is a SEAL, you guys aren’t. Period. He obviously has heart – you don’t make it through BUDS without it. Who cares if he’s a dick?

  5. avatarLevi B says:

    He certainly seems the type to blame anyone but himself if he has a hard time with something. And by seems the type, I mean I’ve seen it on television. Why should his stint with the SEALs be any different? They couldn’t have possibly disliked him because he acts like a child, it has to be because he’s… what? I’m not even sure, nor do I care. I’m a lot more worried about him making the shooting sports look bad through his childish outbursts on Top Shot. Maybe he just needs his diaper changed.

  6. avatarMagoo says:

    No, I’m completely serious. This stuff reads like a movie magazine.

  7. avatarMikeSilver says:

    The issue for Jake is that he is not a COMPETITIVE shooter. There is a distinct culture in the shooting sports, that is unlike any other sport.

    Shooting sports are egalitarian. I’ve shot USPSA on the same squad as world champions. They pasted targets and RO’d just like everyone else.

    Shooting sports are NOT win at all costs. There is a famous world champion who upon hearing his time at an important match, asked the RO’s to do a reshoot because he suspected the timer didn’t pick up his last shots. When the RO checked the number of shots, the Champion was proven correct. Here comes the rub, because of the rules the RO couldn’t change the time. The Champion had to challenge his own score with the Match Master. He eventually convinced everyone that his original score was wrong and that a reshoot was necessary. He would have won the match with the original time but after the reshoot he lost 1st place.

    In the shooting sports, everyone is helpful. I’ve seen champions asking each other about strategy and shooting plans. Everyone shared their thoughts openly. They want to compete against the best and beat them fairly.

    Jake, on the other hand is everything shooting sports is NOT about. That is fine in this situation since Top Shoot is not a Competitive Shooting match. Its Survivor with guns.

    • avatarTaffelost says:

      I agree with everything you said mate. I’m Norwegian and it’s the same here. Competition marksmen are in my opinion of a higher moral stock than in many other sports I’ve witnessed. Why is that I wonder? Maybe you have to be of a certain breed to suceed as a marksman? I don’t know.

  8. avatarMartin Albright says:

    Not that I really care, but I wonder if this clown has been vetted by the Cyber SEALs.

    There are thousands of fake Navy SEALs out there. So many, in fact, that you have to wonder whether the Navy has any personnel left to sail destroyers or aircraft carriers since it seems like most of the Sailors out there are painting their faces green and kicking in doors.

    • avatarTim says:

      The SEALS are pretty aggressive with “fake” SEALS and do everything they can to expose them. Only fools try to make themselves out to be SEALS when they were not.

    • avatarTravis Lively says:

      I am a former Team Guy (BUD/s Class 234) and did work with Jake Zweig in the SEAL Teams.
      While I can appreciate the differing opinions regarding Jake’s conduct on this season of Top Shot; I can assure you Jake is an upstanding individual and teammate. Jake was the officer in charge of BUD/s Class 217 and was/is beloved by the officers and men of his class. As a student, he was always the first to be accountable and take responsibility for class performance and conduct. He also took the majority of disciplinary action dealt by the NSWC instructor staff on behalf of his men.
      Most may not agree with Jake’s strategy on this season of Top Shot, but I want all to try to appreciate that Jake is employing every tactic necessary to disrupt fellow contestant focus and eliminate the competition. This may not be popular with the majority of the audience, but Jake has never been concerned with those he is not responsible for or accountable to. The bottom line: Jake is a warrior and survivor. For him the objective of the competition is simple…there is only ONE winner…

      • avatarsoulrage says:

        You are full of it. BUD/s class 234 graduated 1 JUN 01. You did not work with Jake in the teams. Jake was already out of the Navy by the time you allegedly graduated from BUD/s. If you are going to make claims like this make sure your dates match up. You should have done the math. Man its a shame the stolen valor laws were repealed.

        So if you were in BUD/s class 234 who were you on the Discovery Channel show by chance?

        • avatarsoulrage says:

          Honestly you can always execute an SF180 under the foia and get Jakes service record. How about you mr Travis alleged bud/s class 234? Do you want to roll the dice as well?

        • avatarbigman says:

          Hate to burst your smug litte bubble but you don’t need to look too hard. All it takes is a simple facebook search, or if you’ve ever seen the special on Navy SEALS on the Discovery/Military Channel, you’ll see rather quickly that Mr. Lively was a SEAL. He got a lot of facetime for class 234.

          In fact I’ll even save you the time

          Fastforward to 5:10

        • avatarGFRGFR says:

          Is it possible that somebody else could have watched that show on the Discovery channel and claimed to be Lively? It has been on TV about a million times and Lively was definitely one of the most notable characters.

          As for Jake Zweig he admits in his most recent interview that he left the SEALS in early 2001 – just before 911. It seems strange that a recently released SEAL would not have immediately applied to be taken back into the SEAL teams when their country was attacked (thousands of people without military experience DID enlist), – and stranger still that an experienced SEAL would not have been welcomed back at a time when the US was desperately in need of Special forces personnel.

        • avatargrant says:

          he was a seal. he was in class 234, watch the special and see for yourself. however, the comment posted was probably not the real travis lively though

        • avatarmichael timme says:

          by the way, he put his real name t there, what`s yours?

      • avatarBrian Williams says:

        Hey Lively, just saw this post, hope you’re doing well. It’s been a long time since 97 and class 217 with LT JG Zwiggy. Remember when he picked up that inch an three quarter hose during Hell Week break out and sprayed down the seal instructor staff ? And yea he payed for it for the rest of his time there. Saw the doc on 234 and congrats. Hows the show? As Buchannon used to say. Saw Swoop not to long ago. I’m down here in So. Fla. and don’t here from too many guys anymore. Love to catch up. How’s Walker (216) doing? Hit me up sometime on the web at Again hope all is well with you. hoo-yah, and for Godsake be careful out there (LoL) Williams,BD
        Ps: remember ensign Bruce, gonna take that fur coat off before you get in the water sir? in the water outta the water, pain for you fun for me. 2, 2, 17, 17 all the way into the grinder, hope that brings back some memories.

      • avatarBrian Williams says:

        Hey Lively, just saw this post, hope you’re doing well. It’s been a long time since 97 and class 217 with LT JG Zwiggy. Remember when he picked up that inch an three quarter hose during Hell Week break out and sprayed down the seal instructor staff ? And yea he payed for it for the rest of his time there. Saw the doc on 234 and congrats. Hows the show? As Buchannon used to say. Saw Swoop not to long ago. I’m down here in So. Fla. and don’t here from too many guys anymore. Love to catch up. How’s Walker (216) doing? Hit me up sometime on the web at Again hope all is well with you. hoo-yah, and for Godsake be careful out there (LoL) Williams,BD
        Ps: remember ensign Bruce, gonna take that fur coat off before you get in the water sir? in the water outta the water, pain for you fun for me. 2, 2, 17, 17 all the way into the grinder, hope that brings back some memories. Oh yea, also ran into our old OIC FROM 217 Tom Storey, hope to here from you bud.

      • thank you trooper! as a former green beret i can attest to how difficult is to go through the toughest training in the world, and have to deal with open racism. some of you youngsters probably aren’t aware that we black kids went to vietnam during the civil rights era, and were only given passes outside the gates with special warnings, and that while we died in vietnam our folks back home could not vote or use a drinking fountain. when i went to parachute training at for benning, the SEALs were there for jump training too.then we called then UDTS ( underwater demolition teams). they were extremely racist, but as i found out later when i had to work with Marine airborne recon, and Air Commandos, all predominately white groups in america ( including the cub scouts, boy scouts and 4H club, are racist.the worst offenders, “”the army golden knights” and the 10th special forces at Bad Tolz th late 60 s the had a CO there who refuse to accept black SF operators. ( he said that the german girls would go crazy over them.

      • avatarSonnys Mom says:

        Hey Lively – judging from replies that followed your post, it doesn’t seem worth the time trying to educate the “profiles in courage” who frequent this site.

      • avatarmichael timme says:

        travis was in buds th first time in 97/98 timeframe. i was out there with hm and yes travis was on the discovery channel, also on the national geographic channel and ill be on more channels in the futre. careful th your accusations of fraud sir.

  9. avatarRalph says:

    Are you kidding? Zweig was a great SEAL. He could balance a red rubber ball on his nose for twenty, thirty minutes at a time, and when he clapped for fish, the crowd went wild.

  10. avatarAharon says:

    Since I was 18 years old, I’ve met more self-professed Navy SEALS and Israeli Commandos than there are men in the US Navy and in the Israeli Army.

  11. avatarMr white says:

    Zebras are racist!

  12. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    JAKE’S A JERK !!!! The seals are all about team work, and this fool can’t get along with anyone.

    • avatarFrogman says:

      When Jake is with actual SEAL operators, he is always all about the TEAM. BTW: what makes SEALs great is the fact they are always individual “thinking shooters” first and teammates second. Collective individual contributions are what makes a team great. A SEAL platoon relies on the superior invidual perfomance of every operator to make the team superior. According to the rules of TOP SHOT, there is only ONE winner. Jake understands where the flanks are and is playing well within the rules of the contest. This is about winning or losing, not self esteem. Maybe the network should do a show with all special operations types…then more people will get his philosophy. It is clear that nobody else on Top Shot knows how to operate at his level and intensity. Team Guys everywhere are laughing at the crazy amount of negative press everyone is giving him. And I hate to spill the kool-aid…but Jake still has many close friends in the Teams.
      Hey Jake! Great work Brother! I guess you are the only who still appreciates the fact that not everyone gets a trophy…!

      • avatarsoulrage says:

        I still say you are completely full of it. The more you post simply fuels this.

        • avatarGFRGFR says:

          With regard to the claim that Jake’s attitude is all part of a carefully thought out plan: does that include sitting on top of a stack of picnic tables in the back yard, wearing a towel on you head and comparing yourself to Attila the Hun?

          Because I think that just makes you look crazy.

          In addition the first part of the Topshot competition involved two competing teams. Jake’s attitude DID NOT help his team. If Jake is such a mastermind wouldn’t it make more sense to be a team player for the first part of the competition and then become Machiavellean later?

      • avatarTa2 says:

        This is a funny comment looking back now.
        Jake quit.
        What happened to “Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit”.


  13. avatarJDDS says:

    I have know guys like Jake most of my life. I have even known Jake when he attended the Naval Academy’s Prep School as a Midshipman Candidate.

    First, talk about team work…I have gotten the impression with the little bit of the show “Top Shot” that I have seen, that Jake was never made to feel like he was part of the team from the opening show. Jake’s confidence in himself can very easily be taken as arrogance and can rub people the wrong way. In this case, it looks like it has.

    Jake would be a great teamate if he felt like he was part of the team. Once his role on the team has been identified, he would excel at it. As a result in my oppinion (and just my oppinion) since he feels isolated and not accepted, this is how he reacts…defensively, aggressiviley and a self purpose to go out of his way to demonstrate to the team members that they made a mistake. Thus, making him a poor teamate, confrontational, overly defensive etc. With that said, the way he handles such a circumstance does in fact show his immaturity, disrespect for others and the in-ability to adapt and overcome. The reason why he had conduct troubles in Annapolis and while in the fleet. He without hesitation brings more trouble on himself than necessary and his actions on this show is embarassing to himself, and to the Navy SEAL Community.

    If Jake feels he is part of the team then he will excel, if made to feel he is not accepted, he takes it personally and becomes rabid. Definitely a major character flaw that will be his crutch in anything he does. I don’t condone or support his attitude or behavior on the show but I will say it is a shame because I found him to be very bright and even had a great sense of humor!!

  14. avatarmichael says:

    I once knew a SEAL. Or rather I didn’t. He was just another guy at work. He did his job and never complained. I got along with him well, and in all our interactions he once mentioned that he was in Navy, but nothing else. It was only after he left that another Navy alumni, an ex submariner, a Master Chief, told me the guy was a SEAL.

    In my experience with training many people, including doctorate level folks, blacks on average have a chip, and they are the least prepared. I’ve had black PhD level people show up without their paperwork or security badges because they “forgot” them. And when I tell them that it’s their responsibility to remember, they look at me like I’m “the man.” But in today’s corporate world, one must tread carefully around these people because of the race card they can always throw down.

    • avatarsdog says:

      would that extend to people who comment on your very scientific “black behavior” comments?

      “one must tread carefully around these people because of the race card they can always throw down.”

      is this the “race card” they pull after experiencing your very enlightened and tolerant attitude towards people of color? you sound like you don’t know too many non white people.

      • avatarDarius says:

        I am a minority PhD level scientist and I have to partially agree with Michael. I have seen this type of behavior from certain individuals in person. No, not everybody (so this part I do disagree with) but there are some minorities who do play the race card and there isn’t much other people can do about it. And yes, these individuals that I do know this about are less than competent and maybe this was the only way they got ahead but people who did raise concerns didn’t end up in a good spot after.

        This type of behavior do give others a bad name, those of us who simply want to compete (and work together) on a level playing field and let our performance do the talking. This is a shame, that things like this is happening in this day and age.

      • avatarGFRGFR says:

        I’ve seen this too, and I don’t see it from Chinese, Vietnamese, East Indians etc. If I’m a racist for noticing this, then how come I’m only racist against blacks?

  15. avatarkiller99 says:

    What a dickhead

  16. avatarDamocles says:

    RE: Jake His attitude sucks. I was in the military for 5 years and if this guy really was in the SEALS, then he should know better, because his current conduct is unbecoming for a veteran. He says that everything he does is “calculated”, but that is just an excuse for bullying, thug-like tactics and all-around bad behavior and lousy sportsmanship.

  17. avatarJim Bair says:

    My father was a twenty year navy veteran , and I met many, many REAL SEALS , jake is NOT so much for affirmative action ! well I guess it is good to have family who you can bully into saying nice things about you and lying about how great Seal you were yah right real SEALS don’t brag they do not have to.

  18. avatardst55 says:

    I had Jake as a football coach a few years back and despite how he may come off, he was extremely dedicated and stressed teamwork to us above all else. A few of his friends who were SEALS attended some of our games and spoke highly of him. On a side note, he went above and beyond what any coach needed to do in order to help me personally. He was our defensive line coach, and as a group there were times when all we did was bitch about him and talk about how big a pain in the ass he was, and how gratifying it would have been to hit him with our helmets when he wasn’t looking. However, outside of practice he was well liked and respected, and even sometimes during practice we got a kick out of him.

    In regards to Top Shot, Jake looks at it much differently than most people. I can’t speak for him, but I doubt he cared to be a teammate when the “team” isn’t the overall winner. He cares only about himself, because ultimately, it boils down to a show where only one person can win, and he cares way more about winning the $100,000 then how his team actually does.

  19. avatarluagha says:

    In the first several episodes, Jake was all about the team. He dramatically brought his team experience to the Blue Team and helped them gain cohesion in practice.

    Did it work? Hard to say. A single weak team member hitting something they aren’t experienced in can bring the whole team down too far for such team-building and visualization exercises. It’s telling, though, that the Red Team started copying them after a few days.

    In the first challenges, Jake brought his physicality to the team. He ran faster, jumped further, lifted, hefted, carried. He didn’t cover himself in glory firearms wise but neither was he the weak link.

    Then he was sent to the elimination challenge. Which just happened to be a very ‘combat-like’ challenge. He excelled.

    He changed his attitude, given what the team had clearly done to him. In the next combat-like challenge he also excelled, and he carried the team in the archery challenge.

    How much encouragement is he getting to stage these provocations? Watch how often he and the others glance towards the camera, how aware of it they are. I generally catch him glancing at it once, at the beginning of a filmed section – but then he gets into it. :) The personal interviews with the camera are also ‘encouraged.’

    Watch how the cameras are moving. This isn’t a ‘Real World’ hidden camera thing. There’s a guy carrying a camera, focusing on the players.

  20. avatarGomer says:

    I don’t know Jake, or at least what I do know of Jake is what I have read in his bios and what the producers of Top Shot want me to know of Jake.

    In the seven years I spent in the Marine Corps, I met and worked with several SEALs and consider myself fortunate for the experiences. Jake’s stated strategies for winning Top Shot make sense to me, and while he may seem to have taken things to the extreme with his attitude and confrontations, who’s to say that the producers did not edit out considerable positive footage in favor of the ratings-boosting a-hole stuff?

    I will say that I have enjoyed the show for the competition and interesting shooting scenerios. The politics are just window dressing that I can do without. Regardless of the drama, I will reserve judgement on Jake for when and if I meet him.

  21. avatarTerminator says:


    I was going to email you and ask if you knew Jake, but you saved me the time.

    For the rest,
    Before you all get all in an uproar, I can tell you that Frogman is the Real Deal. I personally do not care for the way Jake represents himself on the show, and if the rest of the Greenfaces think its ok, then thats fine. Its a personal opinion. I can tell you this, If Frogman says that Jake is “fill in the blank”, then Its gospel.

  22. avatarBenjamin says:

    He was a SEAL. All the scuttlebutt around North Island and amphib base as soon as Season 2 ended was about how some douche ex-SEAL was going to be on the next season. I’m sure they wish they could disclaim him, especially now that it is airing.

    /Not currently nor have I ever been a SEAL
    //But I did spend a few days on San Clemente drinking beer and blowing things up

  23. avatarDon says:

    Who cares what he was…what matters most it what he became; what he is now; just another angry black man…sad.

  24. avatarClarence White says:

    I know Jake personally. I met him when I was stationed at a SEAL training command back in 1999. I was impressed with him because not only was he a SEAL; he was an African-American SEAL. That was a very rare sight and I could count on one hand, how many African-American SEALs there were. Of particular note, he was and still is the ONLY African-American SEAL Officer I had ever seen and to this day, that still is the case.

    I heard of some of the things he went through with racism and I can tell you first-hand, they do exist; however, did his attitude play into the equation?? Did he make mountains out of molehills?? I don’t know. What I do know is that he was a good guy that I enjoyed talking to. He didn’t seem like a negative guy, but I did ask him how was he treated in the teams. He would be like “man you don’t want to know” or “like shit sometimes, but I stand my ground.” Just remember, that when you are different from the norm, whether it is by looks, religion, creed or whatever; things tend to come your way in negative fashions. I don’t know if that was the case with Jake. All I do know is that he was a pretty cool dude.

    I was 1 of 4 African-Americans in my command that was full of SEALs and I was treated like a member of the team. The SEALs love folks who can do their jobs, think on their own and go with the flow. If you can’t do either one of those things, then you are toast. I loved that community and would still be in it had I not gotten commissioned as an officer.

  25. avatarJim says:

    I don’t care what color you are. If a reasonable person watched even one episode of Top Shot, they would be able to see this puffed up, arrogant,self absorbed punk, is a disgrace to the Navy, and in particular the Seals. If this guy was on my Seal team,I wouldn’t
    trust him to protect an outhouse,much less, my life.

  26. avatarjohnson says:

    Regardles he contradicted himself so many times! If the competition was about being the best and taking down those that were dangerous he should have been proud to go to elimination every time! If he was responsible for coaching and shaping young minds he should havebeen more careful with his mouth. If he was a true seal he would never have QUIT!!!

  27. avatarSniper63 says:

    Jake, a Navy Seal? I’d have to see his DD214 to truely believe that! There is NO I in Team and Team is what Seal Training is all about! And QUIT! NEVER!!!
    Oh, and I hope to God his College football Team wasn’t watching their coach as he QUIT!!!!!!!!

    • avatarMichelle says:

      Sniper: I googled Jake and there were several websites linking to the University of New Hampshire’s webpage: ( and he is no longer listed as a coach. It makes you wonder. Maybe the coaches or University saw the previous episodes of Top Shot and were embarrassed by his behavior and parted ways?

      On a side note, my husband was a Team Leader of STT and said that Jake was lazy, egotistical and was surprised that he graduated from the Naval Academy due to his “entitled” attitude. Jake did not have the heart, soul or mindset. Just because he graduated from BUDs does not make him a SEAL Operator.

  28. avatarMeateater says:

    Jake, Jake. I do believe the guy has many reasons to have a chip on his shoulder. It seems life as a civilian has allowed him to devolve. Putting all things aside he failed his primary mission statement and by withdrawing proving the pressure of competition too much for him to cope. I do feel he will not realize it was his decision to fail. I also think he realized his persona would be broken if beaten, so he quit to protect is “winning” image.
    I enjoy watching the shooting and wish I could do some of the challenges (who wouldnt want to shoot from a moving stagecoach?) and also know until I am on the show they are just using doubles… To those deployed… Godspeed…

    • avatarTheWildhawke says:

      You don’t protect a winning image by quitting or whining about why you were voted into elimination. Quitting in and of its self is a defeat, and a worse defeat than any opponent can ever bring.

  29. avatarJarhead Joe says:

    Jake is an embarrassment to the US military community and I HOPE his team was watching and his schools dean. If this chicken hawk keeps his job they ALL are a huge joke! Motivational speaker ??? To whom chip on my shoulder anonymous

  30. avatardude says:

    Dude! its so obvious that he is trollin the show…. I remember the first 2 season of topshot, lt was dull and boring. I think he was a plant to give the show more drama i.e. him encouraging a physical confrontation and quitting mid-elimination? common… But than again thats a horrible choice considering he is a seal. Maybe he will get invited to the infamous “blanket party” from his former seals? *smak, punch, puch ;)

    • avatarGator says:

      Actually, I wondered during Season 2 of the producers were creating drama to liven things up, or if what we were saying was real. I’m no longer in doubt. I knew Jake Zweig–we were companymates for a year at the Naval Academy–and I can tell you what you saw was the real Jake Zweig: an entitled, egotistical, bully without honor who always had an excuse when he failed to perform (and racism was a favorite claim). The hair trigger temper and tantrums are real too; he tried to start a fight once at a Sunday evening formation. While I was thrilled to see him go, I was disgusted–and unsurprised–that it was through quitting because he was scared to fail (again) rather than going out like a fighting like a Naval officer should.

  31. avatarPhil says:

    I am a recent BUD/S and SQT graduate. I was very embarassed by Jake’s behavior to say the least, but wanted to respond to Sniper63 and some public misconceptions.

    SQT was very team oriented, but BUD/S, not so much. Anybody that simply makes it through hell week has a 97% chance of graduating and making it all the way through SQT and into the teams. I know BUD/S is considered this grand team building experience, hah, it’s more like a survivor contest. In my class we lost a lot of really great guys and a lot of douches like Jake made it into the teams. Some great guys made it as well, but there are a number of hot heads like Jake, many with a zillion tats too.

    Without going into detail there are a lot of ways to either directly force or greatly encourage people to quit by putting undo attention on them. And likewise there’s a lot of ways to be a dirtbag and let others carry your load without getting caught. The BUD/S system is extremely unfair and frankly stupid. We lost some amazing rockstars to just the dumbest things, but then these turds made it just fine. But it’s tradition. If anything is changed, ANYTHING, the old timers piss and moan claiming we don’t have it as hard as they did. Yeah whatever.

    Frankly the Army SF has a much, much better system. They study the individual, both individually for extended periods of alone time and in group evolutions. You learn a lot about a man by watching what he does when seemingly nobody is watching. Their 3 weeks in hell is harder than our hell week, not in the “physical” but in the mental sense. Physical is probably about even, perhaps we have a slight edge overall in fitness. To get through hell week though you really only need to make it through the first two nights, and then you’re good to go.

    Overall in BUD/S though cheating is rewarded, it’s all about not getting caught. And cheating included just about everything you can think of, from not carrying weight on logs or boats to taking banned substances to enhance performance. And Jake describes it accurately as a biker gang.

    Anyway, sorry, a little long winded, but just wanted to say guys like Jake aren’t “that” rare. Those types probably don’t stay in for the long haul though, probably leave the navy after their first contract is up, although I really haven’t been in long, barely out of training, so what do I know.

  32. avatarVin says:

    After the unfortunate lack of sportsmanship and negative representation by retired Navy SEAL Jake Zweig, I believe we need a Navy SEAL like Marcus Luttrell to better represent their community on SEASON 4!  The brotherhood of Navy SEALs is made up men that embodied integrity and honor.   To see a retired Navy SEAL truly represent their community of quiet professionals on the next season of Top Shot would be outstanding!

    No offense…but on a say note to all my Top Shot buddies, let’s pray for Jake for surely he is a man with a troubled soul who is in need of our compassion. If we continue to bash him, does that make us any different then Jake?

  33. avatarOnYourFacePleber says:

    I was one of Jake’s upper class at the Naval Academy. Unfortunately, the Jake I saw tonight was a spitting image of the Jake I remember from back then. Good luck with everything, Jake – I wish you peace and hope you find what you’re looking for.

  34. avatarRandal B says:

    Air Force vet here. I spent 4 years deploying with SEALS, Rangers, GB’s, Delta and CIA spooks out of Hurlburt Field, Florida. I’ve held all those guys is high regard for their metal agility, competence and humility. None of those guys are saints, well maybe a couple, but not many. And while I, a vet, think Jake might have had good reasons for acting the way he did once he’d hit individual competition, I get that it does not make much sense to the civilian mind. The bit that bothered me, though, was the unit competition. Even us folks in the “Chair Force” understand the level of training and mental acuity that is needed to get through BUD/S and come out the other end as a member of the TEAMS. That it takes “TEAMWORK” to get the mission done when in the field. This baffled me, but what do I know, I have never been trained on the TEAMS, never been through Air Assault School or even SERE training. Instead I am a combat IT/COMM guru, translated better to the civilian world of PS3 console commandos I suppose. :D Keep this in mind though “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero only one.” Every man and woman in uniform is a hero in my eyes. Wanna become one too? See your local recruiter. Until then cast your stones and be counted in the former group for doing so.

  35. avatarOne man says:

    I’m just disappointed in the producers of Top Shot. Seriously? It just happens that the guy that everyone hates(I don’t fyi) conveniently leaves? We’re talking about the guy that tried to get Mike technically disqualified. A guy like that does not just leave on account of an elimination challenge. It’s a contradiction… And, you’ll notice that Colby doesn’t comment too much on this. There’s obviously more than is revealed. The thing that really bothers me is that somebody had to point out to Jake the safety thing during practice (assuming that they are as “chivalrous” as they claim to be), and Jake as an excellent marksman would have taken the advice.

  36. avatarTerm75 says:

    I’m sure that the reason Colby dosen’t comment at all about Jake (the wussy) quitting and leaving the show because it would open the show and the producers as well as the History Channel to legal action. No, the comments are to be made here. Jake is a classic coward. His actions (tough, confrontational, aggressive) are simply the cover that a dyed in the wool coward and looser employs. Shame on you Jake. You already knew you were a looser and could not compete in a spirit of true sportsmanship.

  37. avatarjake's mother says:

    Jake laid out the plan to kill Osama bin Laden.

  38. avatarJake Zweig Is a piece of shit says:

    You guys still want to get these overgrown child’s back? He’s a football coach and this how he deals with competition? I don’t know him, I was not a seal but I can not believe this jackass was allowed to lead men into combat. He has demonstrated a lack of character, sportmanship, and mental fortitude. Isn’t the Seals motto “the only easy day is yesterday”? Well I guess he missed that day of training. I’ve had my suspicions since the first episode that this guy wouldn’t make it to the end, and on the episode tonight my suspicions were confirmed. Whenever any other competitor fails he says they’re just a bad shot, but when he fails it’s not his fault it’s the gun or the range or the wind, he’s never at fault. He had the gall to demand immunity from elimination to be a team player in an earlier challenge. Then when it came time to fight to stay in he quits. Is this the kind of petty bullshit they teach in BUDs, like I said I’m not a seal but I doubt it. I wouldn’t follow him to a gas station much less a firefight. I really don’t care if he was a seal, but if I were a seal I would kick his ass for giving the teams a bad name, for that matter he puts a black cloud over the military in general. For those of you who have been backing him up here, I would be embarrassed if I were you, in fact I’m embarrassed for you.

    • avatarFrank says:

      He wasn’t allowed to lead REAL men into combat. He quit and got out before the combat started which confirms his pussifyingness. If that’s not a word yet, it has been created to describe a “Jake Zweig.”

  39. avatarSPC Bull Crap says:

    In every comment thread, you have someone like Clarence White posting B.S. about how they “know” Jake… but then going on to a completely different topic.

    To claim the SEALs are racists has to be one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard of. Most of the teams consist of a group of very diverse guys.

    The truth about Jake is eventually going to surface.

    • avatarMT says:

      Jake was a bully and a crybaby. He is out for himself and it was great to see him off the show, but quitting? He is taking his toys and going home, because he didn’t like how things were going. He made people follow him with intimidation, no one followed him after a few days. Navy Seals rock, but Jake is no Seal, just a bully with a everyone’s out to get me complex.

  40. avatarDC says:

    I don’t care who comes on here and defends Jake…you are losers if you stand up for this childish, foul mouth, selfish, boy. He’s a loser.

  41. avatarBAL says:

    Jake Zweig is the biggest ASS that I have ever seen on TV or in person. An embarrassment to the human race.

  42. avatarJohn says:

    Serving on Team 2 I saw men from all backgrounds. One of the first things you learn is 2nd place is 1st place loser, which is true in that community. However We also taught you NEVER QUIT and the Honor of getting the right to serve in that community means being invisible and not on the sonar. Nobody nows one of us unless the former operator chooses to exploit their career in the teams. Only four guys have disgraced us by using their training for criminal types of activity. Most go into fields of which their former careers in the United States Navy have taught them. Some write books and cash in a bit, deserving so. Some of us disappear into obscurity knowing what we were and did. “JAKE” has disgraced the community in such a high-profile that He’ll never be welcomed as a Brother again. He is truly AN “EX” NAVY SEAL NOT AN FORMER NAVY SEAL! No matter what unless Hollywood picks him up for a reality series of some bazaar nature he has shot his bolts with Vets of the greatest Navy in the world. The motive of the producers that show lost a viewer in me for incompetence in
    in screening cotestants.

  43. avatarCAM338r says:

    His diminished background no longer matters because he personally showed the world he is nothing but a small minded coward & quitter that will use any excuse to deflect from his inability to cope with failer. His lack of leadership/sportmanship should diqualify him from teaching youth the benifits of a “Team” sport. Competing on national TV allows judgement from everybody, not only former Seals. I personally am glad he is no longer affilated with the Armed Services as his proven record of quitting & running away could get fellow team members killed. He has exposed himself as “The Worlds Biggest Loser’l

  44. avatarboeST3 says:

    Something in his timelines isn’t adding up. With his fleet service and BUDS training, how long did he have for his review period. Once at your posting you generally have additional training during which you are evaluated and often subject to a review board. Only after successful completion of that will you be awarded your NEC and pin. I don’t see Jake getting any special treatment from any team OIC’s/CO’s/XO’s. I don’t know the guy personally but i’d like to know if he just graduated BUDS or if he was actually awarded his final NEC code and authorized to wear a Trident. Hmmm… 3 years of service and he accomplished his SWO, BUDS, and passed his Teams review process?

    • avatarsam r says:

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! this has been driving me nuts!! the numbers just didnt add up… and um, good grades and performance aside, if you cant work in a team, what good was he? cannon fodder?

  45. avatarboeST3 says:

    Another statement that doesn’t add up… he was in class 217? According to a few posts he was and graduated in 97. Class 209 was last of 96 and at 4 classes a year he either graduated in 98 or wasn’t in 217. Or i’m forgetting my grad date and class! Lol!

  46. avatarboeST3 says:

    One last post… my grad was in Feb 97. Jake’s statement at top states he reported to buds in 97. He had to be in class 210-211-212-213. Either way I can’t see him graduating, earning his NEC, and then quiting. Oh wait… he just did that on Top Shot! Sorry for all the posts. Just ranting away.

  47. avatarGps says:

    What navy seal has a malfunction with a pistol and just stares at it and then hits the back of it? It’s called tap, rack, access Jake and then look for other possible malfuctions.

  48. avatarAnnna says:

    I was never in the Navy but I will say that I feel sorry for his wife.

    • avatarMT says:

      I feel bad for anybody around him, unfortunate enough to be related to him and really bad for those football players he can bully around.

  49. avatarjosephb76 says:

    I would have bought Mike a $1000 gift certificate if he had flattened Jake in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the ultimate prize is $100,000. I have no doubt that we’ll hear about bully Jake in the news some day. Just imagine getting in a fender bender with this punk. He should NEVER be allowed to have a gun of any kind. He’s a loser, and now the world can attest to it.
    Imagine having to wake up under the same roof with this loser everyday?

  50. avatarCharley B says:

    I kinda liked the guy, he was good entertainment. Everybody has purpose his was to be a bad example.

  51. avatarFull of cheese says:

    I couldn’t wait for Jake to leave, if I had been the director, I would have had him leave early. It makes me wonder if the guy who did leave early due the wife’s health issue, didn’t just see the writing on the wall, and not want to be around a jerk like this with a loaded gun in his hand. It was costing me a fortune for all the cheese I had to buy to go with all the wine this loser gave us. If the director lets this happen again, I’ll find another channel to watch. I feel sorry for all the other contestants who should have been having a great time with a good group of worthy competitors.

  52. avatarJoe says:

    Wow…. after what happened this week on Top Shot I came to the Net looking for how other people felt about this guy because I found him very unlikeable. I figured I would write a couple of zingers and be on my way, but EVERYTHING that could have been said about Jake has been already. I guess to he who has been given a better chance at honor more will be required of him, and Jake has betrayed much of what is expected of him, and that explains the comments here. I hope he will get help or grow up, either one will do, and that we do not read a story about him wasting his life after Top Shot.

  53. avatarbill says:

    hey George your off the hook for being the biggest jerk on top shot

  54. avatarflex says:

    I did not like jake either. but when he explained his stragey i could not not see how he could be hurt that he was disliked. atilla the hun was disliked but he DID not care. but jake shot good in the clutch and was funny at times. too bad he chickend out, i bet he could have won the shootout!

  55. avatarJEB Jr says:

    I, respectfully, throw the B.S. card regarding his claim to SEAL status. Every SEAL I have known was supremely confident of their abilities, able to take any abuse or distain directed their way with aplomb, and the coolest people under pressure there is. You folks realize that in Jake quitting he was controlling the scene (again…it’s that bully mentality). In his mind he was not “eliminated” because he “resigned”. He will continue to live (and believe) the lie that he would have won if only…

  56. avatarBlitz says:

    I laughed when this chicken shit walked out! He is an embarrassment to the Navy, and an embarrassment to the SEALs; good riddance you whiney little bitch!

  57. avatarP. Smith says:

    Jake= CrybabyPUZZY.

    Lt. Zweig:

    Thank you for your service in the US Military, but your attitude is as that of a whiny teenage girl. To endure and succeed the rigorous S.E.A.L. training and ultimately resign due to “racial” crap and again turn tail in a frikkng, scripted to death, TV show of all things is an ignominious admission of a defeatist attitude.

    You have obvious talent, toughness and skills most will never be able to demonstrate or endure, though leadership is not one of them you actually seem to actually try and indeed succeed in alienating others and demonstrate a pussified “when the going gets tough the (supposedly) tough simply quit” state of being.

    Bet your S.E.A.L. cohorts are cringing at the dishonor of character you exemplify. As much as I find you to be an unpleasant lout, I wish you would have stuck it out to the end of the challenge, win or lose. Maybe change out your manpon, hitch up your big boy pants and take your skills and empower others to not only better themselves but excel at any chosen endeavor. There is no shame in failure, but quitting is another story entirely…

    Again, thank you for your Military service

  58. avatarJohn J says:

    While watching Top Shot for the past two months I can’t help to think that Jake was supposed to be a Seal TEAM member. His attitude and actions certainly do not reflect that of a team member, much less a Seal Team member. His attitude and actions more closely resemble that of a spoiled little girl. How is this guy going to walk back to his job as a football coach? Every player has been embarrassed with his childish behavior. They may accept him as a looser, but there is no way they will want to be coached by a quitter.

  59. avatarBrentster says:

    I am going to enjoy all further episodes without the quitter. There were quite a few displays of crude behavior from this cad. I’m also former Navy and feel embarrassed by this fellow sailor. There is always a bigger guy around the corner. I pictured his football team, facing defeat in the 3rd quarter, and just walking off the field. “Aw, com’on coach, if you can do it in front of everybody…., can’t we?”

  60. avatarWise Man says:

    Jake was awesome! I hated to see him leave. He was a shining Black Warrior Prince, no less a warrior than WWII General Patton or civil war General Sherman! For me I was as proud to see him fight his battles as I was to see Lt. general Russell Honore save New Orleans. The rest of the contestants were very diminished and lame while Jake was on the scene. Hell if Jake were a caucasian you folks would have been comparing him to Dick Marcinko and singing his praises!

    • avatarwhite guy says:

      Wise… let me guess, you’re black aren’t you?

    • avatarShawn says:

      You seem to be simply throwing out the name of any major military figure you can think of in what; the hopes that it makes Jake sound better? You dont seem to understand the big differences between Jake and those you have mentioned. They were good leaders (though they themselves werent always right and had there problems), they behaved with proper bearing and they didnt quit. Also, playing the race card doesnt help any. Are there people who dislike Jake for his race? Most likely. There are simply ignorant people in the world sadly. But most people dislike him for his character, or lack there of, NOT for the pigment of his skin. By claiming that if he were white, we would suddenly love him, makes you seem ignorant and more the racist.

    • avatarI get it says:

      He’s being sarcastic. Haha a shining Black Warrior Prince!

    • avatarBufford says:

      If Jake was Caucasian, I’d have been comparing him to Pee Wee Herman. As a man, I compare him to a spoiled 8 year old who couldn’t get his way.

    • avatarDerrick J. (MAJ ret. 2009, US Army) says:

      Wiseman… I dont know what chemical you are taking, but by any stretch of imagination, Jake’s behavior was nothing short of immature, unethical, unprofessional and totally inappropriate.

      Me thinks you were raised in a cave, making the statements you just made above.

    • avatardon says:

      –Jake is a superb athlete. Great shooter too.

      – But Jake is a prime example of why affirmative action doesn’t work. Never has and never will. He should have never been accepted into a UDT program with his loss of a finger prior to his Navy experience.

      –I could care less about race, the best person for the job is what is should be.

      –Jake has great athleticism, but is a terrible team player. The Navy brought this on themself by “comprimising the standards”. Probably to make some pro affirmative action politician happy so they could get re-elected.

  61. avatarWise Man says:

    Jake was awesome! I hated to see him leave. He was a shining Black Warrior Prince, no less a warrior than WWII General Patton or civil war General Sherman! For me I was as proud to see him fight his battles as I was to see Lt. general Russell Honore save New Orleans. The rest of the contestants were very diminished and lame while Jake was on the scene. Hell if Jake were a caucasian you folks would have been comparing him to Dick Marcinko and singing his praises! Folks I hate to break your hearts but I have never met a tier one operator from the military or federal 1811 ranks who wasn’t arrogant, absurdly driven about winning, and willing to do anything to crush and demoralize the competition.

  62. avatarWise Man says:

    Jake is an awesome shining Black Warrior! He is no less a warrior than Civil War General Sherman or World War II General Patton. In competition he is supremely confident, is utterly ruthless in his efforts to WIN, and committed to the absolute destruction of his competitors! Isn’t that what Tier One Operators are supposed to be? In my career I have met scores of Tier One Operators from the military and the 1811 arena. They are all very full of testosterone and unlimited arrogance. It goes with the turf. If Jake were a Caucasian folks would be comparing him to legendary SEAL 6 Founder Dick Marcinko. When you look at Jake’s background an unbiased observer would easily note this guy is an American success story. I look him with the same pride that I view Lt. General Russell Honore and Brigadier General Remo Butler. Good Luck in all your endeavors Mr. Zweig. Haters, go to church and confess your sins.

    • avatarRobert says:

      Wise Man, I’d place bets you are actually Jake himself.
      Only because a baby like Jake would have to post 3 times in a row praising him. Jake was the exact opposite of what the military tries to install in their soldiers. If Jake was a man who would be willing to do anything to win, giving up without even bothering to face his competition is a great strategy.
      I bet the players on his football team got great inspiration from him walking off after being truly challenged.
      I wish he would have at least come to elimination challenge, so I could see him cry when he lost. Although a man like him with a loaded weapon after he lost would probably shoot everyone when he went into a tantrum.

    • avatarJake Zweig Is a piece of shit says:

      “Wiseman,” You are full of shit

    • avatarEugene says:

      Haha Wiseman is probably Jake himself, pulling the race card once again. Jake Zweig is obviously a piece of garbage, he pretty much ruined the show for me and I was absolutely thrilled when I found out he quit like a little bitch. All his disrespectul hate-talk and whining like a cry-baby was all for nothing, considering he couldn’t even compete in elimination like a man and ended up quitting like a little baby. Jake is the opposite of what any man should be, he is a toxic douchebag with no sense of real pride of humility, if I see someone like him on Top Shot again I’m done watching that show, I had to skip through all of the parts where he acted like a ten year old girl because they just made me cringe and want to change the channel.

    • avatarColby Donaldson says:

      Nice try, Jake!

    • avatarGFRGFR says:

      Sherman would march from one end of Jake to the other, leaving devastation in his wake,

      Patton would slap Jake like a red-headed stepchild,

      Richard Marcinko would rip Jake a new one.

      Jake is a loathsome steaming pile of turd.

    • avatarUS Citizen says:

      Wise Man Says: “Isn’t that what Tier One Operators are supposed to be? In my career I have met scores of Tier One Operators from the military and the 1811 arena. They are all very full of testosterone and unlimited arrogance. It goes with the turf. If Jake were a Caucasian folks would be comparing him to legendary SEAL 6 Founder Dick Marcinko.”

      First, Jake is NOT a “Tier One Operator,” SEAL Team 8 is Tier Two. Second, if you have met “scores of Tier One Operators,” you would know that. Third, you would also know that the Tier One Community does not regard Dick Marcinko as “legendary” to say the least.

      • avatarGiantbryan says:

        US Citizen
        At least Commander Marcinko is a good writer. I don’t think Jake is good at anything except embarrassing himself and My Navy

  63. avatarBill says:

    My son and I couldn’t wait to see jake eliminated. Sleeping outside, the tantrums, the accusations…jesus this is a shooting show not an episode of springer.

  64. avatarMeMine says:

    Jake QUIT and that brought Mike back, THAT is Funny,
    Jake your a baby, You quit… you should have at least went to the elimination.
    I got to give Jake credit for being a very good shot though.
    Although I was wondering when Jake was going to loose it and attack someone, that is how I thought he would get eliminated, but no he had to go off crying and feeling sorry for himself.
    And Jake, expand your vocabulary so you don’t have to swear so much, I have never heard so much Bleeping.

  65. avatarMary says:

    I didn’t care for Jake’s personality and I thought he was a jerk…but…he was a good shooter and I wish he had stayed because he might have won. Too bad his temper had to get the best of him.

  66. avatarNoneya Business says:

    I am a retired (24 years) MSG with Ranger, Special Forces, Special Forces Diver, and sniper qualifications. Jake Zweig seems to be a cowered who may have been a seal but couldn’t handle the fact that sometimes you will lose and would cry and blame everything else but himself. I had a operator who was the same way our commander weeded him out after 2 weeks. I just wonder what would have happened if Jake was ever sent out on an OP? Or if he had been in command of DEVGRU on May 2, 2011?

    • avatarGFRGFR says:

      On another board there is a post that says that Jake was deployed once as a SEAL but was relieved half way through (he was a Lieutenant).

      I think it is strange that Jake left the SEAL teams just before 911 and didn’t immediately turn around and re-enlist when his country was attacked. Thousands of young men without experience did enlist and Jake was a trained Operator. Wouldn’t the Special Forces community welcome him back?

      • avatarAl D says:

        He probably got a BCD and couldn’t get back in if he tried…

      • avatarGiantbryan says:

        Al D,
        He probably didn’t get a BCD. I bet he was discharged for lack of maintaining a proper standard of the Navy.

        I tried to re-enlist after 9/11, I only had three problems
        old (already retired in 20 years in 1996)
        broken (30 % disability)
        even the Army wouldn’t take me.

        Jake most likely had a RE4 code and would not have been allowed back in

  67. avatarJohn J says:

    What do you think? Could this coward just be an actor, and it is just a put-on for better ratings? Is there really some one that immature, stupid and insecure?

  68. avatarRuss says:

    I can’t believe Jake actually went to the Naval Academy and made it through BUD’s. A Naval officer (a SEAL especially) should never act like that. I wonder how welcome you’d feel in the SEAL community after showing your true character on national TV?

    And yes, wiseman must be Jake himself. You can now add “Internet troll” to your resume.

  69. avatarBUMP says:

    I quit watching the show after this idiot showed up. It became obvious to me they put in this idiot just to make the show more like one of the damn reality crap shows that seems to be everywhere on TV now-a-days. No Navy personnel in their right mind would send out this turd on a mission and expect any success at all. I figured he would attack someone on the show or shoot everyone in a tirade when he lost. This guy is a loose cannon and has no business being anywhere near children teaching them anything. Football coach, lol what a joke. What is he going to teach, how to quit when the going gets tough? Sad truth is, we teach much more by example and Jake has really shown the world what he is all about. What bothers me more than even Jake is the show had no misconceptions about this guy and they put him on just for shock value. Great going guys, it is obvious what is important to you.

  70. avatarBilljonchuck says:

    WOW is this for real. I have never seen such a joke. My 8 year has more sense and strength than our little tinny Jake y boy in fact my 4 year old daughter has more strength

    Jake y baby why don’t apply for Welfare because you wont be able to find a job after that wonderful bully show you put on

    If I had a son playing on your team Oh my Oh my , I would have my way with you

    Really a navy Seal ? are you sure.

  71. avatarBilly says:

    hey guys lets just be glad this unworthy guy is gone. What made him unworthy? Simple..his attitude. Hopefully Top Shot will will better scrutinize the competitors in the future so as to not have childish people like this on again…

  72. avatarGunnerbee says:

    Funny, he is not on the current UNH coaches roster?
    I started watching Top Shot to get my kids interested in shooting more and it worked for the first two seasons. I did not want my children watching season three. I was hoping it would continue to stay a gentleman’s/gentlewoman’s SPORTSMANSHIP competition.
    “Honor, Courage, Commitment” The Navy Motto. I guess he missed that class at Annapolis.
    I was a Navy Petty Officer in the Seabees and I can tell you he wouldn’t have made it there either. He should have let his shooting speak for itself. But then again it seems that his mouth was as innacurate as his shooting in the end.
    Good riddance Jake and I don’t believe the good people of New Hampshire are foolish enough to make you a senator, I think they’d rather vote for a Kennedy.

  73. avatarJake Zweig says:

    I have decided to finally make peace and come out of the closet.

    My aggression and drama on the show was due to my repressed homosexuality, and my attempts to hide my excitement about living in a house full of men.

    The first time I was sent to elimination, I was hurt deeply by the obvious rejection of these wonderful, beautiful, sexy, sexy men. I reacted in the only way that my broken heart would allow: complete melodrama. The second time I was sent to elimination, the devastation was simply too much for my hormone addled fag brain to handle, and I simply had to quit. I just couldn’t take it any more, especially knowing that I COULD be back in New Hampshire watching supple young athletes in the locker rooms after football practice.

    Anyway, see y’all on Dancing with the Stars next season! It’s gonna be FABULOUS!

  74. avatarPhil says:

    As a retired military officer I was very embarrassed with the way Jake behaved…

  75. avatarVictor Samuels says:

    How many of you racist F***s even know a SEAL or have even been in the service. If you did serve stop the party line BS and shut the HELL up!! While you punks were screwing your neighbors dog or your sister this cat was willing to lay down his life so that you could keep doing it. Before you start digging in to the guy try thinking for yourself and not trying to sound so holier than thou or even brave in order to curry favor from pin-heads you don’t even know, you stupid Smucks. And yes I did serve in a special boat unit in the Navy. So don’t even think about it.

    • avatarNathan Pinkerton says:

      I know two SEALs, an ex-Ranger, and have several friends and family members that are ex-military from all branches. Each and every one of them is a honorable, respectable and brave individual. I am privileged to be counted as their friend.

      Jake Zweig is a disrespectful, dishonorable, cowardly piece of trash. I suspect this has something to do with his very short stay as a SEAL, and his current absence from the coaching roster at the University of New Hampshire.

      (oh, and race has NOTHING to do with it. You are the first person in this thread to mention his race, because no one else cares. Worthless is worthless, regardless of color.)

      • avatarVictor Samuels says:

        Reread my statement, Nathan, I never ever mentioned race, so Do Not try to imply that I mentioned something concerning RACE. Stop reading between lines that do not exist. And does it really matter how long he was with SEAL TEAM? He made it and that’s that. You don’t like him, that is cool if you actually know him and are not just jumping on the “he does not act like I think he should”. It’s tv, yeah….TV.

        • avatarRetiredJarhead says:

          Uh, Victor, YOU need to reread your own statement…”How many of you racist F***’s…….” You threw out the race card in your own first line! Jake is still one of the biggest pu**ies I’ve ever seen. What a disgrace to our military, to the US Navy, to the Univ of NH, to the human race. Pathetic. Bet that was a great homecoming…..”Hey, Coach Z is back from quitting.” I can hear it now, its 4th quarter, 3 secs left, down on the opposing team’s 3 yard line with the ball…..”Nah, Coach, we quit, just like you on national TV.” Great example there, Jakey.

        • avatarNathan Pinkerton says:

          I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you were using a different definition for the word “racist” than the rest of the world. I was unaware of the existence of a definition of the word “racist” that isn’t race related.

          Please accept my humbles apologies, oh Great Sage, and please grace my feeble mind with your enlightened understanding of language.

    • avatarJimi "Doc" says:

      Special boat? Yeah, probally the short boat. Jake didn’t risk nothing for this country aside from a few injuries on the basketball court. If you think anyone would go on or send Jake on an operation, you either weren’t on special boats or got a head injury.

    • avatarGiantbryan says:

      Boat Unit really. (SBU-13)
      Re-read post race card How many of you racist F***s even know a SEAL or have even been in the service.

      I do agree that Jake military service should not be put down I just think you said it wrong.

  76. avatarScotty says:

    I too was shocked when he quit. He keeps saying he coaches division 1 football at New Hampshire. According to the UNH website ‘the’ football coach has been the coach for 13 years. He isn’t on the staff, maybe he was, but isn’t now. This guy is too impressed with himself. Pretty good shot, just not good character.

  77. avatarD. S. says:

    What a piece of work, or rather a piece of crap. Got a friend of mine at (I will not say) to pull Jake’s jacket. Wow! He is not only a bad Seal he is a ineffective operator in the field, hence the reason no one want him, but he is a bullly. Yes it make the ratings sore on Top Shot but he brought so much stress to the players that it was not worth it, in my humble opinion.
    He quit the show because he could not hang with anyone who could offer a real challenge. What a sad person he is. I pity him.

  78. avatarSophieA says:

    I wish people on this thread would stop calling Jake a ‘spoiled little girl’. It’s an insult to females. Call him what he is — a spoiled little boy who’s never grown up and has no idea how to get along with others.

  79. avatarAl D says:

    I spent twenty-two years active duty and only came across this type attitude in a snot nosed recruit, not a Naval Academy Grad and supposed Navy Seal. Jake has no business teachng anyone(especially young kids) anything!

    I would be suprised that he didn’t get is ass kicked all over Little Creek, if he were really there. Seal is about honor, courage, commitment and team work; all things that he is lacking.

    You are an embarrasment to yourself and the United States Navy.

  80. avatarDerrick J. (MAJ ret. 2009, US Army) says:

    Jake’s behavior on Top Shot season 3 was attrocious and wholly unprofessional.

    I initially was enlisted prior to commissioning, and I’ve been in command positions, senior staff and etc in the Army, and have to say, if this man showed up at my unit with the attitude and immaturity problems he displayed in Top Shot I’d have gotten rid of him in short order.

    US Armed Forces officers are SUPPOSED TO have better ethics, higher competency and integrity – its taught to us officers in the Army (and I hope the Navy as well). Apparently, Jake didnt “catch” the principles of leadership AND followership necessary to lead others, not to mention simply make a unit run well.

    I’m ashamed of this man and disavow him as NOT representative of the rest of us veterans and current members – and I feel compelled to apologize to America for his absurd immature behavior.

  81. avatarM. Glenn says:

    I’m in complete agreement with M. B. Norton’s comments within your article (except that in my time in the military I served under many poor officers whose ethics and integrity were questionable at best, so I do not expect high standards from the commissioned officer corps of any branch– but I do believe that commissioned officers SHOULD be up to the high standards that M. B. Norton mentions, just that there are way too many officers in the service who fail to set the examples that they should).

    Jake Zweig was a disgrace to himself and to everyone who has served in the military. I did expect such behavior more from an officer than from an NCO (as a former Army NCO, I’m glad it wasn’t one of my peers that made such a poor showing for integrity and character on top shot). There is one more thing that concerns me though in your article (though it’s not your site’s error): in the quote from Army Times, they refer to him as “retired Lt. Jake Zweig”– unless he was medically retired from the service (which I doubt, given everything else said and/or seen about him), that should simply be ex-Navy Lt. Jake Zweig… I seriously doubt he spent long enough in the Navy to actually earn and receive military retirement.

    • avatarGiantbryan says:

      Mr Glenn,
      I agree. I’m retired Navy and I do not think this former Naval Officer retired, when I was contemplating joining the SEALs I would have extended my enlistement tw0 years to enter the process.

      My opinion is Jake’s first duty station want to get rid of him and it is easier to pass a problem on then to create a new problem by trying to process a undesirable ring knocker club. I bet the USS Merrimack was thinking he would finish BUDS and would be processed out. He made it though BUDS, but he wasn’t mature enough to remain, and most likely would have been passed over. I bet another ring knocker whispered in his ear. I read an article where he said he couldn’t read and had to work long hours while studing his course material to be able to pass basic reading…Does anyone in the world believe he wasn’t tested before he entered the Naval Acadamy?

      • avatarRattlerjake says:

        And besides all that, he’s typical of many blacks that will constantly ride the racism train when it doesn’t go their way. It gets a little tough, so instead of manning up, it’s ‘whitey’ keeping him down. He entered BUD/s as an officer, and anyone in the military knows that the officers slide through these schools much easier than enlisted. I am retired SF, (23 years in SF), mostly enlisted, finished as an SF warrant, so I am not misinformed!

        • avatarPants says:

          Actually, after 23 years of service I hate to tell you that you are misinformed. As an enlisted sailor prior to my commission I never experienced any situations where officers slid through. In most cases the treatment was equal or more harsh, because more was expected.

  82. avatar31B says:

    Looks like Jake was NOT a coach at UNH during the show. His LinkedIn “now” shows that he “left” UNH in February and was unemployed until September when he started at Bryant in RI with fewer than 3400 students. My High School had more students than that. I wonder if it was his attitude and personality that led to his departure from UNH or maybe it just got too hard and he quit. He probably claims there was too much racism. I’m embarrassed that he’s publicly representing officers in the US Military.

    • avatarMac says:

      31 Bravo I feel the very same. He is an utter embarassment to the Navy, the teams, and a piss poor excuse for an officer. Or even an enlisted man and sure as day NCOs wouldn’t claim him if he was one. He has brought disgrace to the teams the Officer Corps and the Armed Forces as a whole. No wonder he couldn’t hack it out to 20. I’m surprised the instructors at BUDS didn’t lay into his ass.

      • avatarK9cop says:

        I have never been in spec. ops, but from being a K-9 handler for 20 years, and growing up at West Point, I have met a few. They all remained what their motto says- “Silent Professionals”. Jake was a disgrace, and neither quiet or professional. Thank god he is one of the few that just can’t adjust to military life, and become civilians.

  83. avatarMary Jane says:

    It must suck to be him. To be hated so much and to have so much hatred inside you. To be such a negative person continuously throughout life. He’s not a sportsmen, he’s a little whiny boy that cries racism if he doesn’t get his way. It’s obvious he doesn’t play well with others. I vote him for the “Most Hated Man for the Year” award!!!

    If he was a Seal, why did he continuously talk about the Army? Did they kick him out too? I honestly wouldn’t be shocked or surprised. It’s people like this that have absolutely no spot in this world and I’m certainly sure he wouldn’t be missed, although it’s his type that would come back in the afterlife and haunt like a demon. What a waste in humanity. Why couldn’t he of been a show called “LOST!” And…he’s married? I guarantee you he IS a wife beater. Hands down and no doubt about it!!!!

  84. avatarJimi "Doc" says:

    I kept telling my son, “This guy isn’t right. He can’t be a SEAL.” Well, the squeaky wheel gets grease, even in the military. I’m sure with his history of racists allegations, he got a pass on the mental evaluation, thinking he’d wash out of training. I have twenty one years in the Navy and I’ve served with many SEALS and this guy isn’t fit to be in the same room. As far as comparing him to a girl, that’s an insult to all military females.

  85. avatarBob Higgins says:

    Jake made the show frustrating to watch so when he chose to quit instead of compete it was a relief. I believe with his attitude, behavior and constant foul language he should be fired from coaching or leading young athletes. He sets a very poor example. It would nice if Jake would learn from Dustin’s attitude but he is probably to busy complaining about the outcome. I wouldn’t have made it 1 day in his presence.

  86. avatarderek says:

    Between Jake and the bozos who were hating on Jamie in season 2 for no reason, this show can become almost unbearable to watch. I love a good shooting competition, but those guys I mentioned are jokes in my book, how they serve in our military is beyond my level of comprehension.

  87. avatarGiantbryan says:

    I actually laughed about PSYOP…When he was breaking down Sleep deprivation, he was also depriving himself. If I had been a contestant, I would have laughed put my ear plugs in and go back to sleep.

    I bet a dollar that he’ll drop the race card again and claim something about the guys on Top Shot. I didn’t like Mike Barelli (SP) but I laughed at his maggie drawers.

    Steriod George and TNT (Temper Tantrum)Jake should start thier own reality program. How to make yourself look bad and represent the Military

  88. avatarMac says:

    Jake is not a leader a team player nor even a decent human being, he is a coward and a cheat, pulling the race card is a cop out, fighting an berating his team mates to “get under their skin” makes him a bully and a coward. The fact he is allowed near children is even more amazing than the fact he was in the military an some how made it onto a team of individuals who above all else are honorable and protect the team with a never leave a man behind attitude. Is shameful who this individual has become an tragic if he has always been this weak cowardly individual. The promise of a prize is no excuse for this behavior especially of an academy graduate.

  89. avatarbill says:

    yall need to quit talking bad about Jake for one its a tv show im pretty sure its scripted for the most part and he was a far better shooter then anyone there so he made for good tv without people playing the badguy tv shows suffer in ratings so dont act like ur better then him yall are stupid and how dare you question if he was a seal or not if u become a seal ur a seal for life.

    • avatarAndy Poston says:

      Wow Jake…you really need to learn to spell better when posing as someone else to defend your boorish, bullying and cowardly behavior. I would be willing to bet most of your “bio” is filled with lies and inconsistencies about your “achievements.”

  90. avatarjoe says:

    ok so this is really lacking jake, almost as stupid as me, but i have no doubt he was on the Teams, a lot of racial issues and other constantly happens in the Teams. im fine with calling him a quitter, but i kinda see his point:

    “its like at the bar. its 1 in the morning and its time to go.”

    thats how he put it. but SEALs for sure dont quit and he could have one Top Shot no problem

    Laus Deo Semper

  91. avatarRayman says:

    As a former Naval petty officer in the Submarine Service, I agree with all of the comments on Jake as a terrible representative of the Armed Services, the officer corp, and the teams. However, it’s more than that: he’s a poor representative of all of us, whether civilian or not, whether male or female. He’s certainly not the kind of person I’d want teaching kids. That said, I agree the show did it (and other provocative things) on purpose, which is why I record all of them and FFwd to the training and competitive parts while avoiding the manufactured “drama”.

  92. avatarmike says:

    This clown wrestled on the All Navy Team with me in 1997 (right before he went to B.U.D.s) and he had problems with everyone on the team. The good thing about that atmosphere is that everyone was pretty aggressive so he always got as good as he gave. I will say one thing for him: he did back up his talk on the mat and was aggressive and never quit. He was such an idiot though that pretty much no one on the team had much to do with him. I’m deployed right now so I didn’t see the show but as soon as I saw his name on the search page I knew he would have HUGE issues on it. Sounds like he is still the same spoiled kid.

  93. avatarJake Zweig says:

    M B Norton thanks for your review of my time on a TV show. Trust me when I say that you are the smartest person on the planet to believe everything you see on TV.

    • avatarAndy Poston says:

      Jake, you’re an ass. You deserve every bit of vitriol that you get on every page on the Internet that points out your cowardly, bullying, childish behavior on Top Shot.

  94. avatarRob says:

    Jake, you’re living in a delusional world. How isolated do you have to be to not be able to get along with society? LOL It was hard to get to know you behind all the censorship on the history channel. *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep*, sounded like you were an honor student in English class because of your top notch choice of vocabulary. top shot is not MTV’s real-world Men vs Boys. I know you’re a speaker, and you motivate me enough to express my feelings to a complete moron. Come out to sunny California and take in some of that vitamin D cause it appears that you lack it. U MAD BRO?

  95. avatarRob says:

    I’m sorry its probably that post traumatic stress disorder.

  96. avatarabc says:

    i agree. i noticed that bozos have outnumbered the class acts among the ex military guys on top shot, which is in line with my own experiences with military personnel. it has nothing to do with race religion or creed and everything with the militarys culture. i thought a voluntary military was supposed to improve the quality of the force. i guess not.

  97. avatarEd says:

    Jake totally ruined this season of Top Shot, I’m actually watching all the episodes today off and on. I have the highest amount of respect for all military. This is not how a man of an Elite team should act, he has no honor. Not only does he give the military a bad name but the human race as well. We have a clown like this at work, we refer to him as a cancer. I’m sure there are no mirrors in his house, I wouldn’t expect him to be truly of with what he has to look at.

    • avatarAndy Poston says:

      I’m watching it too. Watching Episode 10 right now, where he has the total “Jake-down” (as in breakdown), and quits. You could almost see him make his decision to quit as soon as Colby told him he’d be in the bottom 3 during the individual challenge, as I’m sure that he KNEW that he’d get put up for elimination. What a pussy!

  98. avatarNeill Jaslowski says:

    I work with members of the different branches of the military and Navy Seals on a regular basis. The majority are quiet and respectful. They don’t complain just do the task they are assigned. They exhibit a credit to their uniform and country. I haven’t heard an excuse or seen anyone ‘quit yet’. Watching TOP SHOT had me pulling for everyone but that loser Jake Zweig. I can’t believe he actually quit!

  99. avatarteamdns says:

    super douche

  100. avatarTrish says:

    Jake is a sore loser. I was relieved to see him go. Top Shots isn’t an MTV reality show and that would seem to be better suited for Mr. Zweig.

  101. avatarWyteRyno says:

    Knowing Jake was an ex-seal has made me lose a lot of respect for not just the Navy SEAL’s but our military in general. I thought, a SEAL would never quit when faced with a difficult challenge and should actually enjoy the competition. I thought, they were confident but never showed arrogance. I thought a SEAL was a team player who looked out for his team mates well being at all times. Clearly, I thought wrong. If he can get through the Naval Acedemy and move on too get through BUD’s showes that our country’s military values character very little. How did he do all this then quit when he sis rightfully sent to elimination. I thought Navy SEAL’s weren’t whiners and pussies. Jake’s a quitter and a d-bag. The next level of d-bag has been found. If he got through because he played the race card it shows that the military is more worried about politics then protecting our country

    • avatarAndy Poston says:

      You shouldn’t make blanket judgments about the entire military based on the actions of one idiot. I for one would hope that Jake is the exception (albeit a HUGE exception), not the rule. But you are spot on about one thing. Jake is a douchebag of the first order!

  102. avatarRedbone says:

    Jake claims all his actions/attitude on Top Shot were calculated. So he calculated to give the Seals a bad rap, his employer a bad rap and anyone who trusted him to exhibit good character. That’s a good motivational speaker/role model for people to follow? You calculated wrong Jake.

  103. avatarRotorwash says:

    As an attack helicopter pilot I have had the priveledge of working with and supporting SEALs and other ground forces in both training and combat.

    The vast majority of the warriors I have worked with would agree Jake is a douche. He is a selfish whiner and his problems clearly originate from between his own ears. He was not likely forced out of the SEALs because of racism but quite simply because they refused to retain a jackass.
    A guy like Jake would not make it in my unit either, he would be grounded for good.
    Oh, and as far as Jake being good for the show “Top Shot”? I don’t know about that. I no longer watch it because of him. So were the ratings worth it? If too many have the attitude about the show as I do, then probably not.

    • avatarUS Vet says:

      There are plenty of great men and women in the US Armed Forces. Your assuming all are like Jake or the system failed based on what one or a few do out of millions that wear or have worn the uniform makes you sound incredibly naive.

      • avatarRotorwash says:

        Did you even read my post?
        How did you conclude I assume anything about “millions” because Jake chooses to carry-on like an ass? The only “failed” systems I was referring to were the thought-processing system between Jake’s ears, and the attention-getting system of the makers of Top Shot.

        Apparently you missed the parts which clearly imply that I wear “the uniform” too.
        Please re-read my original post, and perhaps with time you will better understand.

        • avatarNewShooter says:


          I suspect that US Vet meant to reply to WhyteRyno’s post that said “Knowing Jake was an ex-seal has made me lose a lot of respect for not just the Navy SEAL’s but our military in general.”

          It was probably an innocent mistake. US Vet, you should pay more attention to whose post you’re replying to, so there’s no confusion. :)

  104. I have not watched the show since season 1, when Ian a fellow man with marksmanship skills was successful in not getting eliminated through the entire show. He was impressive, and I could see he had a very high chance of winning per his personal attitude.

  105. avatarrdwS&W says:

    I just came across this. I watched parts of this last season and then watched the season all the way through post-season. I was so happy when the loser quit. I could only imagine what real SEALs were thinking when they were watching this idiot. The incredible qualities that make up a SEAL are beyond this quitter. Jake Zweig just about ruined the show. I agree with Rotorwash; hope the ratings were worth it.

  106. avatarGlockPro says:

    As a Naval Vet. I was totally ashamed of his actions. I’ve met many Seals and all we’re great men of fine character and integrity. Please don’t rate all SEALs on his horrible behavior. I agree with the above statement that ratings had a lot to do with him even getting a spot on the show. He’s shallow self loathing man with no moral fiber, integrity or character. Just plain awful and his attitude sent him packing and he was a poor shot in my opinion anyways. He might have physically made it through SEAL training but didn’t learn anything. His shooting was substandard my mom shoots better. And he didn’t learn the core values that make a SEAL. To bad waste of tax payer money is all he is. It’s to bad because there’s someone out there that didn’t get into the academy because of him.

  107. avatarParris says:

    I enjoyed all the seasons thus far and agree with most that the drama is getting a bit tough. If getting a non-conforming, non-team playing, un sportsman like person such as Jake on the show just to boost ratings is the way of the future then I might have to reconsider if i’m going to continue watching. There are many kids, including my own, who watch the show. I teach them respect for the outdoors and team work. I teach them to strive to succeed and never to be a bully. They see this ***hole up there acting disrespectful to everyone involved and acting like a total baby. This is not what I want my kids watching. We enjoy shooting very much and spend a lot of time at the range enjoying some good family time. Jakes performance was totally unsportsmanlike and in no way showed fair play. I understand they all work hard to become the one winner but be civil!! Top Shot should make a rule that if you act in an unsportsmanlike manner then you are immediately eliminated and sent home. Case closed. I have met Navy Seals as well and they are of the utmost character. Jake is not even close to being in the same league. A motivational speaker????? Hard to believe. I certainly wouldn’t want him coaching my kids football team and trying to instill his values on my kids. row up Jake and learn some manners.

  108. avatarFRANCO MARIC says:

    Well….I reckon this guy is the classic example of “…falling through the cracks…” as far as the Naval Academy and the SEALS are concerned. A damn shame as he obviously possesses the physical and mental skills to complete the stages to enter both and succeed. Somewhere in there he lost sight of the concept of teamwork and sacrifice. But as far as that act on TOPSHOT goes…a long fall from Professional to amateur!

  109. avatarTom says:

    Looking back, this clown (Jake) has to be embarrassed. I didn’t watch season three at all and later viewed it as a marathon. I learned to despise him in one afternoon and can’t imagine how much everybody else must have hated him. He was a very good shot (arguably top two or three material), and having Dustin humiliate him in the finals would have been great.

    • avatarNewShooter says:

      I doubt that Jake is even slightly embarrassed by his actions on the show. He has stated that he felt he “went out on his own terms,” and that “he wouldn’t change a thing about the way he acted.” Self-aggrandizing delusion will make you believe that even the most immature, ridiculous behavior is perfectly acceptable, and should be applauded, rather than ridiculed. And if that’s what he’s teaching his football players, or what he says in his “motivational” talks, then I feel sorry for any impressionable person that is exposed to him in the future. And the idea that ANYONE would hire this douche as a motivational speaker is laughable!

  110. avatarPpsiLvr212 says:

    It wasn’t just S3′s Jake whose behavior was a questionable head scratcher n a downright repulsive joke. There are military men who are SUPPOSED to be better than they are in not only words, but actions. When it comes to Top Shot, they’ve been in EVERY season! S1′s Adam, S2′s George (actually the entire Red Team were a**holes) and S3′s Jake. So who’s steppin up for the role in S4? Only time will tell.

  111. avatarD says:

    It’s so funny that all y’all are on here knocking jake. As a black veteran myself 3 tours in iraq and afghanistan honorably discharged after 10 years active duty I can say I saw wayyy more racism in the service than out of it. You white boys have so much entitlement and like jake said if you don’t conform your basiclly penalized or outcast.

    • avatarNewShooter says:

      Dude, are you serious?? Have you actually read this thread? Us “white boys” are not slamming Jake because he’s black. In fact, aside from maybe one or two posts, the only people playing the race card are Jake (in the original article) and you.

      Jake could be black, white, yellow, green or orange…that makes absolutely no difference. We’re slamming him because he’s an entitled, self-loving (or maybe self-loathing) idiot, who doesn’t know how work with a team, and behaved like a complete jackass at every turn on Top Shot.

      And you calling others “entitled white people” because they’re offering opinions about Jake’s abhorrent behavior makes you more of a racist than anybody else on here. Do your homework before you make ignorant comments in the future, or don’t make them at all.

    • avatarRotorwash says:

      “You white boys have so much entitlement” what kind of ignorance is that comment?
      One could say the same thing the other direction… “You black boys have so much entitlement and it is called Affirmative Action”.
      I have been serving for the past 22 years and I would guess that if you “saw wayyy more racism in the service” it was probably because you chose to spend much of your time looking for it rather than doing your damn job.

    • avatarDavid Hardy says:

      Way more racism in the service than out?!? FLAME DELETED you weren’t in any branch on the military.

  112. avatarJoseph says:

    No one has the ability to assess exactly how anyone was being treated because no one on this board was actually there. How many human beings do you know act the way Jake did without some sort of catalyst? Was Jake the only one to blame for his attitude? Yes and no. Though we are responsible for our own actions, most of the time our actions are derivatives of how others treat us. Was Jake unrightfully placed in the first elimination based purely off performance. Yes. Period. This is obvious the reason he felt like an outcast for the rest of the show..This is in no regard to him being black, blue, or purple. Its easy to say how someone should act when he or she is not immersed in the situation.

  113. avatarproperty says:

    hello!,I love your writing very so much! percentage we keep up a correspondence extra about your article on AOL? I need an expert in this space to solve my problem. Maybe that is you! Having a look forward to see you.

  114. avatarCobWebsRUs says:


    I’d like to know how Jake can retire as an O-3, when he claims he went to the Naval Academy right from high school. That means he retired with less than 9 years of service, or in 20 years, he never made beyond the rank of lieutenant. I’m sure if he had an injury (and got a medical retirement), we would have heard all about it several times on “Top Shot.” Please clarify.

  115. avatarDecentDiscourse says:

    The existence of racism is a myth. As we all know, none of us treats anyone who is not like us any differently. Ever. Period. So to think that this guy had any problems along racial lines would just be to contribute to the myth of a made-up social “problem.” Because minorities in other similar organizations such as the CIA, etc, have reported the exact same experiences, do not make any of those alleged experiences equal to mythical racism. Probably just co-incidence. And stuff you just read at random on various messages boards containing words such as “ape”, “monkey”, “nigger”, and so forth again just are random coincidence because there is no way this guy or anybody like him could ever have been subjected to something that doesn’t exist.

  116. avatarCB Demented says:

    You guys do realize that for every 42 minutes of show, there are about 43 hours of tape they use to edit it together, right? Zweig was not the first contestant to say the show is rigged, to a degree, and misrepresented what happened between contestants for ratings purposes…nor was he the last.

    And if you don’t believe Mr. Zweig was a SEAL, you might want to check out the interviews with him on I can assure you, Brandon Webb would have nothing to do with the man if he was a fake.

    • avatarAndy says:

      You do realize that they just broadcast the words that came out of Jake’s mouth, right? Something tells me that the other 42 hours of tape they had of Mr. Zweig weren’t all sweetness and light, and they just chose to show only the bad moments. There was nothing to “misrepresent.” They may have embellished his character flaws, but they were all right there in living color for anyone to see, and to defend him in the slightest is naive at best, moronic at worst.

  117. avatarLogic says:

    Quoted from some person up top: “but they were all right there in living color for anyone to see, and to defend him in the slightest is naive at best, moronic at worst.”

    I hate comments like this, the first part is just funny…A TV program is all right there in living color? Really its in your face and nothing about it can be fake or misrepresented. You can barely believe what you hear on the news sometimes and your believing everything you see and hear from a TV PROGRAM!

    And to defend the guys character cannot be done unless someone personally knows him. Whether your with or against him, your comments about his character are just opinions and pure speculation because you don’t know the guy in real life…you only know Jake from Top Shot! He could be the same or totally different in person, but you will never know from Top Shot.

    Hopefully the shooting part of Top Shot is real, and he seemed to be great and almost the best at every challenge…maybe he was soooo good that he would never of went to elimination unless people teamed up to send him into battle.

    I can care less about the dudes character on a tv show, im not sitting down to watch a TV show about peoples chemistry with one another. Im there to see shit get shot well, I was sad to see him go.

    • avatarAndy says:

      “Logic” says:
      “A TV program is all right there in living color? Really its in your face and nothing about it can be fake or misrepresented. You can barely believe what you hear on the news sometimes and your believing everything you see and hear from a TV PROGRAM!”

      So you are assuming that the producers put words in his mouth, and that everything we saw was fake and misrepresented? Sure buddy, whatever you say. The real truth of the matter is the way Top Shot was constructed during Jake’s season is that there was a social element to the game (not just shooting), and the reason Jake got put up for elimination is that he SUCKED at that element of the game.

      Maybe he was just playing a “character” on the show (which I doubt), but if he was, he should have been smart enough to know that acting like a complete jackass to every person in the house wasn’t exactly the best strategy.

      And I never said that nothing on a reality show could be fake or misrepresented, or that I believed everything I saw and heard. What I DID say is that what WAS right there in living color for everyone to see is the words that came out of Jake’s mouth, and his actions. There was nothing fake about those, unless you are trying to float the theory that the producers dubbed in someone else’s voice, or hired a lookalike to prance around like a moron in the backyard, just to make him look bad.

      And if all you care about is seeing stuff shot up, go to a shooting range. Top Shot is a reality show, and just like every other reality show before it, there’s a social aspect to it. Get over it or don’t watch. And quit trying to defend Jake with lame arguments about “reality TV.” You just make yourself look as stupid as Jake acted on the show.

  118. avatarJT says:

    Wow! Mr. Zweig I was floored when I clicked the first episode of season 3 of Top Shot and saw you standing there I was even more shocked when I paused it midway through that episode to google you and I found this list of comments. You must have really have been an ass on this show but I will watch the season and judge for myself what the fuss is about.

    For those truly questioning his background….I can’t speak about his time as a seal but I did serve with him on my first Ship (USS Merricmack AO-179) he was my DIVO and I watched him bust his ass to get his qualifications as well as run countless miles with a backpack full of weights to loose the weight gained from playing defensive tackle at the Academy as he prepared for BUD/S

    Mr. Zweig, I will see what the show is all about but as far a the guy who was in charge of me I respected the straight forward approach I got from you and I saw first hand how you can grind. As many people have told me I will tell you the same……Thanks for your service.

  119. avatarLogan says:

    Hell, I’ve never been in the Navy but I’m a Navy Seal. Who wants an interview?

  120. avatarLogan says:

    I bet alot of these people commenting would act very different to his face. Hide behind a computer and talk tough. Haha

  121. avatarKyle says:

    I just gotta say that in the military there may be racism but it’s on both sides and it’s kept out there on the back burner because there is just no time for it. We all know it’s not the place and when you put on the uniform you might as well be blood brothers because that’s all you got. I met maybe one guy like jake in my time in the military. That entitled with a chip on their shoulder like “you can’t conform me” and thinking white people are against them and it’s their duty to get by doing the least amount they’re asked as if it means they win in some weird way because the white guy didn’t break them or whatever. A lot of black people do feel this way in the civilian world and it’s really unfortunate. It’s some kind of defensive mechanism they’ve installed. But I guess most of the time it’s really the media’s fault and they’re just a product of their environment. He’s a tough guy though, I knew some tough guys that never even came close to becoming SEALs. But anyway, we all know the real tough guys that go to hell and back aren’t big talkers like jake. He can be put in that jesse ventura category.

  122. avatarKouske says:

    I don’t give a f_ck. He is a quitter!

  123. avatarJack Watson says:

    This is all I have to know about this guy not to like him.
    From his own mouth talking about his black class ring
    “When the Commandant wanted to see it I told him I had lost it because as soon as I got it I sent it home to Washington because I knew there would be hell to pay for it, so no one ever saw until after I was out of the academy”
    From the United States Naval Academy’s Honor Concept
    “We tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known. We do not lie.”
    He lied and violated the Honor Concept, to me he has no honer!

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