Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Sons of Guns’ Will Hayden

Underneath this upload PhantomSavage asks “Why do so many people hate this show? I love this show, I watch it all the time, and I’m not a retarded red neck… So what, maybe these guys don’t have the state of the art equipment major contractors and companies do, but they at least know what the hell they’re doing and do amazing [things] with what they’ve got. Stop calling them dumb red necks, they’re actually intelligent people who run a small business and run it well, and have some fun along the way.” If Mr. Hayden would like to be taken seriously, he should, at the least, take firearms safety seriously. What if one of his employees decided to return fire? What a great episode that would have been. Or, more likely, crime scene evidence. [h/t to]