Gun Preview: Ruger SP101 .22LR Double-Action Revolver

Before I began capturing the video above, Adam Deciccio told me he was going to shoot “five rounds single action, five rounds double action.” And so I intro’ed his demo promising ten bullets a leapin’—even though I knew the $675 Ruger SP101 .22LR revolver “only” chambers eight. That’s still a lot of cartridges for a wheelgun. And the non-dud “dud” demos just how steady Adam is with a gun. Any gun. In this case, a Ruger that’s wikkid pissa—in theory. I mean, who wouldn’t want an Ruger SP101 chambered in .22LR to go with their higher-powered Ruger SP101? In practice . . .

the [most excellent] sights are specific to the SP101 .22LR. So if you train up on the SP101 .22LR you’ll still have to reacquaint yourself with the other SP101s’ sights later. Or before. Setting aside the price of entry, this is not the cheap-to-fire SP101 training gun you’re looking for.

In single-action mode, the SP101 .22LR’s trigger has more creep than Michael Jackson’s Thriller. In double-action, the Ruger’s trigger pull is heavier than Jean Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothigness. That’s a rimfire reality, but there it is. Stacking? There are Amazon warehouses that stack less than the Ruger SP101 .22LR’s go pedal.

Get thee to a smithery! A little polishing and this bad boy would be good-to-go. Which is odd. Ruger SP101 triggers are usually perfect right out of the box; the SP101’s been around since George Bush banned imported modern home defense sporting target COD rifles.

To be fair, it’s early days for this SP101 .22LR. I’ve put just 50 rounds through the piece. Our T&E model looks to be number 3012 down the line. As I said in the video, who’s counting? A .22LR revolver is a good thing, not a bad thing. And this one feels as good in the hand as INSERT SEXUAL METAPHOR HERE.

Facebook gun porn up soon, full review next week.