Site Update: Complete List of Gun Reviews

Here at TTAG, we’re always looking to make it easier for you to find the stuff you want. That’s why we categorize our posts and (usually) write good headlines. Even with the massively useful search feature (top right of your page), sometimes you just can’t find what you want. Which is why I spent a good chunk of my life that I will never get back tracking down every last gun review TTAG has ever done and listing them on one page, separated by firearm type, in reverse chronological order. Either click here to go to the big-ass list or just click the “Gun Reviews” link at the top of the page. Don’t worry, the link will always be there from now on and we’ll make sure to keep it updated.


About Nick Leghorn

Nick Leghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), aspiring pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. Now on sale: Getting Started with Firearms by yours truly!

6 Responses to Site Update: Complete List of Gun Reviews

  1. avatarIndyEric says:

    Great feature. Good job.

  2. avatarBen Eli says:

    You are a wonderful man. A truly wonderful man.

  3. avatarAdam says:

    Since were on the topic – may I suggest the implantation of a comment subscription feature. It would make it easier to follow discussions.

  4. avatarAharon says:

    Thank you.

  5. avatarMecutio says:


  6. avatarpercynjpn says:

    Thanks Nick!

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