Latest Threat to Your Gun Rights: The Late Night Munchies

A burger without ketchup. A hot dog with no mustard. Breakfast without O.J. (it’s like a day without sunshine). They’re all virtually unthinkable. You get your mouth all set for something delicious, something that will hit the spot just perfectly, and the lack of the appropriate condiment can ruin the whole experience. Think about that for a minute. Now you know how Jeremy Combs felt…

As tells it, Combs was well into his cups Saturday after a night on the town. Not wanting to go home hungry, he decided to make a run for the border and cruise through his local Taco Bell. Sack in hand, he headed for home.

He returned when he got home and discovered his order was missing the hot sauce he asked for, according to court documents.

The Taco Bell employee said Combs handed the incorrect order to him, “and then reached for a shotgun, which had shells on the side,” according to court documents. The employee said he fled from the drive-through window. He said Combs appeared intoxicated, according to court records.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You get home with a rumbly tumbly, reach in the bag only to discover that the kid who could barely make change didn’t get your order right. Most people, though, don’t bother driving all the way back to the offending “restaurant” to press the point. Jeremy Combs isn’t most people.

A loaded shotgun was taken from Combs’ bedroom. He admitted that he bought the shotgun from a drug house in Independence, according to court records.

Police said Combs had three felony convictions. As a result, Combs was charged in federal court with being a felon in possession of a firearm, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He also faces state charges.

What, no DUI?

This should be a cautionary tale for all of us. When that acne-plagued adolescent stops texting long enough to shove your food at you through the drive-thru window, don’t blithely drive home, assuming everything is fine, and risk bitter disappointment. Pull forward a few feet and check that bag yourself.

Sure, making that snot-nosed kid soil his shorts as he stares down your double barrels would be satisfying. But ultimately, it’s better to keep your guns than have to surrender them to the local police.