Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Chief Charles Hurley

Miami Dade Schools Police Chief Charles Hurley seems to subscribe to Caligula’s leadership theory; “let them fear me as long as they obey me’. Sure, that may not make him a lot of friends, but it can be effective. For a time, anyway. A lot depends on what you do to instill that fear…

Whipping out your Glock and then unloading it a staff meeting of more than a dozen command and civilian employees might be frowned upon by some experts in organizational behavior. But the Chief is unrepentant. As reports:

He says it was an impromptu demonstration to stress the dangers facing officers and students during a recent spate of shootings. Some in the room, however, say they felt it was a display meant to intimidate.

“This was a visual aid. It was done in a very controlled environment,” Hurley said Wednesday. “Just like if I was CEO of Apple, I would put an iPad on the desk.”

Hurley stands by his actions. He says some disgruntled employees are embellishing the episode to make him look bad.

“I took on a couple members of my staff who were performing at marginal levels and they were called out,” Hurley said. “When you call people out, when you take on marginal performers, this is what happens.”

Can’t you just picture Steve Jobs waving around a loaded AR if Apple had extended their product line to tactical rifles? I know I can.

Meanwhile, school administrators are circling the wagons around the Chief. District Superintendant Alberto Carvalho doesn’t really see a problem.

“We will be reviewing this issue,” he said. “But we are going to do it in the context of three back-to-back years of double-digit reductions of critical incidents in schools and a 35 percent reduction in arrests in schools.”

Carvalho added: “This is a highly professional police department that, I believe, has been led in an extremely professional way.”

The improvements in district safety are welcome, of course. But drawing your heater in a crowded room for dramatic effect is just plain stupid. It’s hard to see how he could have avoided lasering someone at some point with the gun. Continuing to handle it enough to unload it in front of everyone needlessly risked a negligent discharge.

So welcome to the IGOTD ranks, Chief Hurley. Like last spring’s proud Miami-Dade graduates, you’ve earned it.