World’s First Rimless Revolver (Or Not): Charter Arms Pit Bull

When TTAG reviewed the Charter Arms Undercover .38, we were less than impressed with the revolver’s build quality. Our experience with the Target Mag Pug left us a tad concerned about the gun’s accuracy. The review of the Chic Lady was, uh, fraught. For some reason, Charter Arms hasn’t been beating down our metaphorical door to send us testing and evaluation samples. Let’s hope they don’t read this post, ’cause I’d love to get my mitts on their new Rimless Revolver. Or one of their don’t-tell-anyone-that-Son-of-Sam-made-this-gun-famous .44 Bulldogs. In fact, Charter Arms’ new $465 (msrp) Pit Bull is built on the same frame as their .44 Special. First, the basics . . .

The Pit Bull has a five shot; 2.3 inch barrel with a 416 stainless steel matte finish frame with Charters full rubber grip. With an overall length of 6 ¾ inches it weighs 20 ounces and has a fixed frame rear sight and a ramped front sight with a standard hammer. A DAO hammer is available upon request.

According to the Charter Arms prez Nick Ecker, the firearms industry has had a “long felt need” for a revolver that fires .40 [rimless] ammo. So long in fact, that the prototype below’s been around for donkey’s ages. Anyway, niche this . . .

The Pit Bull is the ideal revolver for law enforcement officers to use as their back up, because they can now carry a revolver that utilizes the same ammo as their sidearm. And for the .40 caliber enthusiast, it gives them the first revolver that shoots their ammo without utilizing moon clips.

And so their new guns provides a dual coil spring assembly [located in the extractor] to allow the insertion and retention of a .40 caliber cartridge in each chamber of the revolvers’ cylinder. How great is that?