New FNH FNS-9 Striker-Fired Pistol with 1911 Ergonomics

A striker-fired 1911-style polymer pistol it is, then. Ish. While the new FNH FNS-9‘s trigger safety says Glock, the ambidextrous frame-mounted safety says WHY CAN’T I BE BIGGER? [Make the jump for a suitable snap.] For which I have no good answer; just as I couldn’t fathom the reasoning behind the diminutive safety on the Ruger SR9c. Marketing? CYA for the police department’s legal team? Dunno. Anyway, reckons the new FNS-9 will offer supra-Springfield XD-9 ammo levels. “No word on capacity but we’re willing to stake one kick squarely to the crotch that the FNS-9 will be of the 17+1 variety.” Now that’s what I call a committed journalist.

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