Marlin Stops Shipping Lever Rifles

TTAG recently reported an internet rumor that Marlin had stopped manufacturing lever guns. The storied gunmaker responded with a carefully worded press release. So carefully worded, in fact, that members of our Armed Intelligentsia reckoned Marlin was spinning the truth. We’ve just received word from an anonymous gun dealer that Marlin’s rep left a list of SKU’s (all lever actions, full list after the jump) that will “not be manufactured for the remainder of year.” According to our source, current orders for these guns will be filled. This development follows Freedom Group’s buyout, the shuttering of Marlin’s Connecticut factory and the transfer of lever gun production to Remington’s Ilion, New York, and Mayfield, Kentucky plants. Here’s hoping the move reflects ex-Home Depot and Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli’s commitment to fix Marlin’s recently tarnished rep for quality. Nothing more and nothing less. [UPDATE: Click here for “Marlin Stops Lever Rifle Production to “Maximize Capacity”]

Model Number Order Number
338MX 70492
338 MXLR 70493
444 70540
1895G 70462
1895CB 70480
1895XLR 70474
1894CB357 70440
1894CB44 70442
1894CB45 70444
1894CSS 70428
1894SS 70430
1894SBL 70432
1894CSBL 70433