Self Defense Tip: No One Else Needs To Know

No, this isn’t a prepper post. Sure, getting ready for a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI may make some sense, but this Dilbert cartoon makes a good point about blabbing about any of your stuff. And your gun stuff in particular. It’s one thing to yak about your heaters in on-line comment sections using a screen name. It’s another to broadcast your cache to everyone within earshot at work. That can invite attention and covetousness from the wrong types. Types you really don’t want anywhere near your home…

Sure, we all like bringing a newly minted gun lover into the fold. But you don’t have to disclose the contents of your gun safe to do it. So while taking a gun muggle to the range and turning them onto shooting is highly encouraged, telling everyone at the range about your extensive collection of 1911s and carbines is more than questionable.

Keep your cards and your guns close to your vest. Unless bragging is an incredible turn-on for you, it doesn’t do you much good to broadcast what you have. To anyone. And it may hurt you and your loved ones. So when it comes to your guns (or any of your stuff, really) STFU.