Journalistic Gun Cluelessness of the Day: Vinnie Iyer

OK, Vinnie Iyer is a sports writer. And the Sporting News is, well, a sports publication. But he’s still a journalist. And just because he writes about football doesn’t mean there’s less of a requirement that he get his facts right. In theory. If he were breaking the news that Tom Brady had tested positive […]

Rick Perry Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Susana Martinez

Here in the Show Me State, we can qualify for a concealed carry permit with .22 revolvers and automatics. Susana Martinez would laugh at us, strike a match on the bottom of her boot and blow cigar smoke in our faces while laughing at us. With derision. According to her staff, the New Mexico Governor […]

Because They Think We’re Total Morons, Too

From the Pissing on My Leg and Telling Me it’s Raining department comes this little blurb from almost heaven, West Virginia. “Two Marshall County deputies were shot during an “unfortunate accident” involving their weapons late Monday at the home of one of the deputies. Both received gunshot wounds to their hands and one also sustained a […]

Ohio Paper Outs CCW-Holding Local Politicians

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? A newspaper or wire service decides to stir the pot by publicly ID’ing concealed carry license holders. They can’t do much about the advance of gun rights, something anathema to the left-leaning editorial boards of ninety percent of the legacy media. So they go with the only weapon they have left. They figure, […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Richard Banks III

It seems to be the view of the current administration and their supporters that anything worth doing is done best by government. All evidence to the contrary. Healthcare. Banking. Student loans. Automobile manufacturing. Mortgage finance. And who could argue with the unqualified success that is the Transportation Security Administration? Between saving full-body naked passenger images […]

It’s Tough Being a Stray in Lebanon, Ohio. Seriously.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a dog person. Always have been. Their general goofy good naturedness makes most of them great family pets and a lot of fun. Some do important duty like shepherding, retrieving, guard detail or service work that makes them not only lovable but mighty handy to have around, too. […]